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Change values of 1 column in MySQL db with one command

IT & Programming > Website Programming

Posted: 22nd Sep 2017
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week
START:22nd Sep 2017

Job Description

I will do this myself, but need your instructions.
If I can do it then I will accept your bid and pay you and give a good review.
Go to my profile to see my paying history.

This should be very simple!

Column 9 of product table is the shipping column.
Some vales are 0 and some are 1.
Need to make all the values of this column to 0

I have read that the format should be as below.

INSERT INTO table_name (col_9)
VALUES (value_0);

I replace the word name above with the word product.

When i hit run it says table_product' doesn't exist

What am i doing wrong?
Whoever knows the answer, write it in your response, I will try it, if it works you will get 150 Rs and a good review.
Skills Required: SQL
Project Code: IND80966
5.0 average rating
Hello, My Self Ajay Singh having 11 years of experience worked for 3 companies and now info freelance business undertaking 1. Web Applications / Shopping Carts ....
Bid Code: 763425
Bid Date: Sep, 22 2017
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