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Co author for Novel

Writing, Content & Translation > Creative Writing

Posted: 10th Jun 2019
BUDGET: 20,000 - 50,000 Rs.
TIME LEFT:1d, 12h
TIME FRAME:3 - 6 Months

Job Description

Now A days I have been working on a novel, these days in which about more than sixty thousand words are estimated worked, Is the titled "The Robert Rays Among The Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan", which is a saga of struggle of US Soldier is a combination of fiction and story in which he is an Afghan boy with his mother and fell in I love a word on the Rule of Law, trying to improve the life of the terrain dwellers which complies his generosity, and braves for all of this I can write it in Hindi, I want to publish it in US English, I need a co-writer for this, Is required.
if you feel better, and new concept in recent time, this a matter between a war torn Afganistan, wounded Robert the US soldier, shelter in small remote village, there he was lure in Hospitalities of Afgani culture, He was decide to uplifter of dwellers.When He was tonefully there is quick response with growing veg- graze, water reserving, Eduction and multiple resources utilization
Project Code: IND114104
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