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Create a converted school bus description from existing videos

Writing, Content & Translation > Creative Writing

Posted: 09th Aug 2018
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week

Job Description

I've a converted school bus for sale. I'm seeking to make an attractive document online for potential buyers that:
1. Highlights attractive features
2. Organizes and communicates information in an easy manner

What needs to be done:
1. Organize content into focused sections (Electrical/Mechanical/Floorplan, etc). I can mention these sections and a brief overview of the content that needs to be included.
2. Add and organize photos into these sections.
3. Trim an existing video into parts relevant to these sections, edit if necessary and add them to these sections.

A Dropbox Paper document with content organized into different sections. Each section having a relevant text description, photos and a trimmed video (if any).
Project Code: IND100470
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