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Exam invigilation

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Posted: 18th May 2017
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week

Job Description


I hope you're well. I'm emailing from a company based in Leeds, Victvs, and we do work within adult education around the work. I was wondering if you would be interested in a day project we have in Chennai (Velachery) on Friday 26th May? It seems like your profile would be a good fit to what we are looking for, so feel free to contact me as soon as you can today?

Many thanks,

Regional Manager
Victvs Global
Project Code: IND70567
4.5 average rating
I am passionate about writing article.I am an engineer. I am good in designing academic projects. I have 3 year experience as photo researcher and photo retoucher. I am w....
Bid Code: 680331
Bid Date: May, 18 2017
Not Rated Yet.
I have worked for 3 years with different firms and have experience of handling admin, accounts and customer service.
Bid Code: 680774
Bid Date: May, 19 2017
5.0 average rating
I am a management professional with more than 12+ years of experience under my belt. I believe in delivering quality work; on time and at the best possible rates. If I t....
Bid Code: 682194
Bid Date: May, 21 2017
Not Rated Yet.
With 7 years of experience in the IT industry in the field of sales, presales, Program management office and operations for Products and Service Based MNCs, I have create....
Bid Code: 685576
Bid Date: May, 26 2017
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