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Writers Needed

Writing, Content & Translation > Article Writing

Posted: 14th Jun 2018

Job Description


I need good writers who have experience in writing blogs, articles, web content, reviews, product reviews etc.

Pay would be 8ppw.

Word Count may vary.

-Good English
-Able to write grammatical -error free articles.
-Seo based writing.
- Unique Content

Please don't apply if you are not ok with the rates.
Project Code: IND97124
5.0 average rating
Freelance academic writer and translator with 1+ year of experience in writing in English and Hindi and Eng-Hindi translation. Advocate by profession and well versed in....
Bid Code: 948546
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Hi, My name is Divyanshu Supehia, I am a student at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. I am a part-time content writer and love reading too. I have past exp....
Skills:JavaScript, C, C++, CSS, HTML
Bid Code: 948549
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
  • Poem
  • Rajasthan, India
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 948560
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
Not Rated Yet.
I am an engineering student at IIT Roorkee. I have done web development and I am quite good at writing articles and web content. I am doing research in Physics and Maths ....
Bid Code: 948628
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 948684
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Hi I am yuvi.I m working as a teacher.I have a experience in data entry.
Bid Code: 948772
Bid Date: Jun, 14 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Worked as Production and Maintenance Engineer on chemical reactors such as Batch Reactor, Continuous stirred-tank reactor, Plug flow reactor, Semi batch and Catalytic rea....
Bid Code: 949130
Bid Date: Jun, 15 2018
Not Rated Yet.
I am having good typing skills and good computer knowledge. I am interested in web design.
Bid Code: 949417
Bid Date: Jun, 15 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Writing | Research Writing | Copywriting
Bid Code: 949439
Bid Date: Jun, 15 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 949565
Bid Date: Jun, 16 2018
Not Rated Yet.
A highly motivated individual with experience and expertise in Social Media Management, Email Marketing, ORM and Client Servicing. My biggest attributes are my ability....
Bid Code: 950498
Bid Date: Jun, 18 2018
Not Rated Yet.
I'm a full-time travel writer working on my own travel blog for 2 years.
Bid Code: 951886
Bid Date: Jun, 19 2018
Not Rated Yet.
I am comfortable with writing - essay, dissertation, blog, thesis, article, research proposal, research project, portfolios anything related to academic writing.
Bid Code: 952686
Bid Date: Jun, 20 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 958757
Bid Date: Jul, 01 2018
Not Rated Yet.
[Name]: Truman [Age]: 26 [Business]: Content Writer/Editor/Business Writer --------------------------------ABOUT INFO----------------------------------....
Bid Code: 961380
Bid Date: Jul, 05 2018
Not Rated Yet.
More than 5 yrs of experience in content writing. Wrote articles for many websites. Experienced to write on any topic.
Bid Code: 964584
Bid Date: Jul, 10 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 966341
Bid Date: Jul, 12 2018
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