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Excel to Access live data streaming application

FIXED PRICE : Not Sure Application Interface Design Posted: 08th Feb 2019 Ends: 2 hours 1 Proposals
Example Case for development: 1. There will be multiple “calculation sheets” with in a workbook to run the simulation cases in parallel mode... The first calculation sheet has a simulator, which can be run...
Example Case for development: 1. There will be multiple “calculation sheets” with in a workbook to run the simulation cases in parallel mode... The first calculation sheet has a simulator, which can be run at different time intervals... Currently I have set it to run for 3-min with a time interval 3-sec. 2. The simulated data for each run is stored row-wise in “calculation data sheet” along with the time stamp. This is just for demonstration purpose and actual application shall fetch data from calculation sheet directly. It is required to store the data in MS Access (or any other data base) in a live running mode (without closing 'or' saving the excel sheet), for many days with time interval of 1 mins.... So that the stored data along with the time-stamp in the database can be accessed/streamed to external applications. a) A redistributable type of application shall be developed (example : xla, xll, dll etc) providing option for the user to easily select the Workbook, Worksheet, different rows & columns in any worksheet. b) The application shall have a provision to START / PAUSE / RESUME / STOP / CLEAR data-storage into the database independent of the excel sheet. This shall be completely independent of the any other macros / dlls in the workbook. c) The application shall have an option to set the "time interval" between two samples for the database to fetch the current available data in the cells from the excel sheet, independent of the simulation running interval in any workbook. d) In between the simulation, if the user chooses to pause the simulation and add additional rows & columns, the database should be incremental to store the data for these new parameters without losing old data for the previously configured parameters. e) The application shall not be exclusively locking the database, as the database will be linked to other external application to provide stored data. Real-time application case will be as below: 1. Any single worksheet may contain multiple tables in different columns, however the number of parameters & tables will be fixed at the time of establishing a connection with database.... After starting the simulation, only data values in specified cells will be updated at a specified time interval. There should not be any limitation on number of rows & columns and any user-friendly format with/without blanks cells (at max R1000 x C100). 2. It is also possible that multiple work books will be running at the same time and hence the application shall be capable to establishing multiple connections with database ‘or’ recording data from multiple workbooks at same time. 3. The Simulation will be running continuously for many days/weeks, with 1-10 mins time interval.... If the excel sheet failed 'or' corrupted 'or' stopped/restarted, the previously stored data in the database shall not be lost... With restarting the simulation, the data storage can be continued with current time stamp. 4. The data transfer between excel to database shall be automated in real-time and instantaneous.... It is not preferred this stored in *.csv/*.xml files and periodically imported into the database. 5. The workbook / worksheet may be linked to different Macros / dlls and capable of fetching data from external sources. So the application developed shall not be interfering/stopping the currently running Macros / dlls. Securing the project: a) Please propose a detailed methodology, software / programming language to be used. b) Please provide the details, how the application is secured/locked to prevent access/copying by others. c) Maximum 15% of final agreed price will be provided as advance.
Client: jagandannana , India