How do I get paid?

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The first step to getting paid is landing a job by submitting proposals. Once a job is awarded to you and you accept it, you will have to generate an invoice for the amount that the client needs to pay. The client can then fund the escrow with the amount of invoice raised. There are numerous methods available for clients to add funds to their account.

Once the contractor completes the work and requests payment for a milestone, the client has 15 days to review the work and either approve the release of funds from escrow or dispute the request.  If no action is taken by day 15, the payment is marked as “Overdue” and a reminder is sent to both parties.  If the client has still not made payment 30 days after the release request, funds held in escrow are released to the contractor.  Work-n-Hire will send multiple notifications alerting the client that the 30 day deadline is nearing. Alternately client can himself release the amount from escrow.

Once you have funds in your Work N Hire account and now you want to withdraw funds to your personal account all you have to do is add a withdrawal method and send us a withdrawal request.

The following withdrawal methods is currently supported by Work-N-Hire
NEFT Transfer – Direct online transfer to your bank account.
Cheque Transfer – Getting a cheque sent to your address.
Paypal Transfer – Getting funds in your Paypal account in USD.

  • Nancy

    What is the guarantee that the payment will be done?

    • worknhire

      The payment is guaranteed with the use of Escrow. But if the client doesn’t fund the escrow, the payment is not guaranteed. In case the client refuses to pay with Escrow funds, the contractor can file dispute and get the money released to themselves from Work N Hire.

  • Anirudh

    If I complete the work as per the job assignment but the client makes frivilous reasons not to release the escrow amount.. what is my protection against such fraud?

    • worknhire

      Anirudh, In case you complete the work and client makes frivolous reasons for not releasing the escrow amount, you can file a dispute and Work N Hire Dispute team will handle the matter and provide a final decision which will be binding for both parties.

      • bhagyashree

        and how will i as a contractor prove my side that the work has done…because my client makes most of conversations through google hangouts…and not on worknhire chat room …???

        • worknhire

          Hi Bhagyashree,

          We accept chat transcripts from hangouts as well as skype conversations or even email conversations for that matter for dispute resolution.Ideally you should keep most of the messages related to disputes on WorknHire Messages section.

      • Kumar Vivek

        @worknhire:disqus After filing the Dispute is any client is able to give the Feedback for the Job. If it is so then i think this process should be changed.

    • jeet4v

      Anirudh, we should go for this golden chance to verify the frauds. we can’t say any thing until unless we get involve into it. what you say, and what you are say work-n-hire team?

  • jeet4v

    Admin, Let me know how to apply for the required job?

  • Ankita

    If I make a withdrawal request through NEFT transfer. How much time will it take to transfer money into my bank account?

    • worknhire

      Ankita, A withdrawal request through NEFT transfer is processed within 2-3 working days.

  • Naved Khan

    I haven’t received the payment which I have withdraw on 18th May. When shall I receive the money?

    • worknhire

      Hi Naved,

      The withdrawal process takes upto 3 business days to be processed from our side after which the bank might take upto a maximum of 24 hours to credit to your account. You should have your withdrawal processed within this time frame.

  • Tensi

    Please bear with me, after I completed my studies, I would like to
    become a freelancer, most freelance sites that I have visited in the
    past require you to have a credit card (maybe I haven’t looked enough).
    But these withdrawal methods mentioned in this page don’t seem to
    require credit cards (NEFT and Cheque transfer). I need to make sure
    that if I have an account at SBI (net banking) only without credit card,
    am I qualify to find work?

    • worknhire

      Hi, You can use WorknHire for finding work even without having a credit card. If you have an SBI account that should be sufficient for you to withdraw your earnings from WorknHire.

  • Gopal Shukla

    There is no paypal transfer available while adding payment method. Please let how can I move my funds to paypal account.

    • worknhire

      Hi Gopal, Paypal doesn’t support payment from an Indian account to an Indian paypal account and hence the withdrawal method for Paypal is not listed to avoid confusions. You can very well use NEFT/RTGS or Cheque withdrawals to avoid the additional fees that will be charged by Paypal on your end.

  • veena


    could you let me know how do i send you a withdrawal request?? i am not able to find the link.

    • worknhire

      Hi Veena,

      You can find the option of withdrawal under the Payment in the top menu. You will need to add a withdrawal method before you are able to place a fund withdrawal request.

  • wpldesigns

    If I make a withdrawal request through NEFT transfer. How much time will it take to transfer money into my bank account?

    • worknhire

      Hi, Fund withdrawal requests take upto 5-7 days to be processed. Since you have placed a withdrawal request on 25th November it should be processed by 2nd December 2013.

      • wpldesigns

        Till not updated :(

        I haven’t received the payment which I have withdraw on 25th November. When shall I receive the money?

        • worknhire

          Hi, Please contact us at [email protected] with your registered email id. From your disqus email address it seems you have not placed a fund withdrawal request on 25th as you had mentioned. Please create a fund withdrawal request here for us to be able to process your withdrawal. In either case please contact us at [email protected] to support you better.

  • wpldesigns

    haven’t received the payment which I have withdraw on 25th Now 2013. When shall I
    receive the money?

  • wpldesigns

    I haven’t received the payment which I have withdraw on 25th November. When shall I receive the money?

  • Neha

    Hi i am working on a project and i marked an invoice void by mistake, what can i do to undo it or what is meant by void invoice.

    • worknhire

      Hi Neha, Marking a invoice void means the invoice is not applicable and the client doesn’t need to pay for it. You cannot undo the process. What you can do is create another invoice of the same amount as the previous one in your billing and invoices section.

  • senthilthangaraj

    I am halfway on the work to complete, I am going to use NEFT Transfer for withdrawal amount. I am having INDUS IND BANK Account. Is it secure to give my Bank account no. details?

    • worknhire

      Hi, You will only be providing us with your bank account details which are required for NEFT transfer (IFSC, bank account number etc) which is totally secure.

  • she

    Can a person out of India be a part of work n hire?

  • bharath bhansali

    what should i write under Beneficiary Name, my name or the bank name ?

    I dont see anywhere asking for a bank name

    • worknhire

      Hi Bharath,

      The IFSC code takes care of the Bank Name. The beneficiary name should be mentioned as your own name.

  • Vivek

    If a client deposit some amount in escrow then when i have seen that escrow amount on fund and it seen instantly or it will take some time.

    • worknhire

      Hi Vivek,

      In case if an escrow is processed by the client you will see it instantly in your Project Workroom. You will also receive a notification for the same on your email as well as on your dashboard.

      • Kumar Vivek

        Thank You for the help.

  • HArdik

    how to add a withdrawal method and how to send u a withdrawal request

  • Pankaj Kumar

    Withdraw method >> Add NEFT Transfer link not working. Please check

  • sudarsana

    Hi, I have submitted one job which has been approved by the client. But they are refusing to pay just for single job.. what shall i do ?

  • 4 Studioz

    Hi, I have submitted one job which has been approved by the client. But they are refusing to pay… The client has not made fund in escrow… What should i do? Is there any ways for me to get my amount paid?

  • 4 Studioz

    Hi…. I have finished the project before the end date of the project… Can i change the project status to completed before receiving the payment..??? Is there payment assurance if we do so??

  • techpro

    How will you send paypal funds to an indian user?

    • worknhire

      Hi Techpro,

      Paypal withdrawal is not supported for Indian Users. Paypal withdrawal can only be used for people residing outside India who don’t have the option of NEFT withdrawals.

  • Aional Clay

    Is worknhire appropriate for people outside India? I live in London. How will I get paid?

    • Guest

      there are 3 different method like debit/credit card, Direct Banking & Paypal. In London, Paypal is most popular so you can used it and you will get paid through Paypal.

  • deba

    I worked on a project and submitted the project via mail-id and most of the conversations were on phone. But my profile shows no projects done. I never got the intimation of ‘project awarded’ too. Now how will I get paid?. Client seems to have become dormant after submission.

  • Kavita Sharma

    How long does it take for the funds to reflect in the bank account once the withdraw funds form is filled?

    • worknhire

      Hi Kavita, Fund withdrawal is processed within 5-7 days.You can view the status of your withdrawal request in the fund withdraw section.

  • Parksong

    Hello, I’m living outside India. How can I withdraw the money I earned from working here on Worknhire? There are only two options: NEFT transfer and Bank cheque.

  • hitesh dezine

    How many days will take it to transfer Money from Worknhire account to bank account?

    • worknhire

      Hi Hitesh,

      The withdrawal takes 5-7 days of processing time. Your fund withdrawal section should be displaying the expected date of fund withdrawal processing.

  • freelancer

    Hi, I have completed a project (Project Code: IND15657) and the contractor is saying that he has transferred amount i.e. 300/- Rs on 29.01.15 ( Invoice No. 10004453 ), transaction ID
    is 171958/0. But in my account it is showing that no amount has deposited and released.
    Pls help at your earliest. Thanks,

  • Avinash

    I was contacted on my phone by this person and i wrote about 800 word article for him. Does that usually happen. I didn’t get any intimation on this website. Let me know if this is normal.

    • worknhire

      Hi Avinash, No this is not the normal process. The project award needs to be done before work is started. We even recommend freelancers not to start working unless funds are escrowed.

  • Tushar


    The client have payment Fund Deposited in Escrow. So how i get the payment in my bank account?. Please mentioned detail process.


    • worknhire

      Hi Tushar, Your issue has been resolved by the support team. do let us know if we can be of any other help.

  • tushar

    The amount is deposited by client in escrow before five days. But still i don’t get the amount in account. So please inform me how much it will take a time.

  • Antrim


    How do we raise a dispute for not getting payment? My client has just disappeared after getting the work done. The balance payment is in Escrow. I have tried writing to worknhire guys but got no response. Please help me in getting my payment released. It has been a couple of months now since the job is completed.


    • worknhire

      Hi Antrim, Our support team has resolved your issue. Thanks for contacting us and do let us know if we can be of any other help.

  • Unique Seo

    If project alloted to contractor and invoice is pending , how many days invoice approved and can transfer contractor in bank account .and what is milestone #1..please send me all details according to my problem if amount in escrow when client release this amount.

  • Shyam Yadav

    how to raise invoice ? Please tell me and how many days to take to release amount to transfer in bank account .

  • Ritu

    Hello There
    I have a payment available in the escrow, have made the entire delivery, repetitively requesting for feedback, if any, from the client. But been a month and neither the client is sending the feedback nor he is releasing my money. He has promised so many times that he will send the feedback but never fulfills the same.
    Can someone please guide me how to file a dispute for the project closure and payment release?

  • afrozewrites

    The client says he has deposited the amount but it does not show here. How long does it take for funds to show up here?

  • Gurjant Singh

    Hi, One of my client paid me the amount , also shows in my profile. i just want to know how much time will be taken to transfer in my bAnk account, kindly provide me the information.thanls

  • rufus

    i have read very bad review about There are several complaints that such as slimier too hear that clients disappear and takes money and don’t transfer to the freelancer. Do we have a such a problem here? will you guys (Work n Hire) redact money for any causes?

  • Aena pathakl

    Hi worknhire team,
    I didn’t receive the payment and it’s showing transfer to your account. What is the problem? I tried to contact you many times. Please help me out of this.

  • Pranav

    Hello work N hire team ,

    Just want to say you a things that till now i did not get the my payment from here , i withdrawal my funds at 23th jan and today is 1st of Feb here already 8 days has passed so please transfer my payment


  • Arnab Ghosh

    My client has released the escrow and the amount is in my balance. I have requested the withdrawal to my Bank 7 days ago but it still has not been transferred to my bank account.

  • Egraphics

    But work & hire, don’t know my bank account no then how could u do neft in my bank account? & what about the payment? How many days its take time & is there any process for 50% or advance payment?

  • ame pan

    how to withdraw money ? client had already deposited money in escrow

  • saima ansari

    hi. i have completed the work. but she is not making the payments and i am telling her since last month. now she is not even responding to it.

  • HeMan HSK

    How long does it take for the NEFT transfer? I had my payment received on Friday & I raised a request for withdrawing funds (which are above 500/-) but haven’t received them yet.

  • ZEE


  • Abhishek


    I hired a contractor. He did not completed even the job post instructions in his submitted work & when I provided him my feedback, having request to complete those things.. he refused.. & now keep marking that job as completed & submitted a request to release funds which is in escrow. Please let me know how can I file dispute? I tried to contact support team via the given link in the footer.. but did not get any response. First time I ever facing a bad experience with any contractor in work n hire. Please help!

  • Sanju

    if client has made escrow amount but contractor refuses to work and want to refund that amount in that condition client can review contractor’s work or not? if client has not paid any invoices and contractor refunded the escrow amount.