How does Work N Hire make money?

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Work N Hire makes money by charging a service fee to the Freelancer from the payments made to them. The service charge vary from time to time. During its promotion period the service fee has been kept at 5% + service tax for all freelancers. Please note Work N Hire doesn’t ask for any upfront payment for creating account, posting projects or for bidding on the projects.

Work N Hire ensures that Clients and Freelancers are safe and secure while doing transactions by using its Escrow service. The escrow service works in the following way, instead of making an advance payment to the freelancer and thereby putting the money at risk, the Client escrows the fund in the project account and after the freelancer has successfully completed a milestone or project, the funds are released from the escrow to the Freelancer. At this point, Work N Hire cuts a fees equal to the service charge on the amount being credited to the Freelancer’s account. The Freelancers are notified of the service charge while submitting proposals.

  • raveeracherla

    when will u send me work n how

  • raveeracherla

    how can i receive work