What is Work-N-Hire Escrow?

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Work-n-Hire Escrow Overview

Work-n-Hire Escrow is a safe and efficient way to pay for work delivered online. Once a job is awarded, the client and contractor define and agree upon milestones, and funds are then placed into Escrow. Contractors can quickly and safely begin working knowing that payment is secure and will be released once work is completed, and clients are protected knowing their funds are securely held in Escrow and will only be released to the contractor when work is delivered and accepted.


  • Pay Only for Results: Avoid taking risks with pre-payments and deposits.
  • Both clients and contractors are eligible for Work-n-Hire Dispute Assistance in the event that a job does not go as planned.
  • Ionnaid

    How do we put funds in Escrow?

  • C4.

    Yes – HOW move money from my account to the ESCROW ???

    I can only find Pay Invoice-button

    • C4.

      You could have made that “deposit money in escrow”-stuff a lot smarter – I mean A LOT SMARTER !!!

      As a buyer I feel like I pay the contractor’s invoice when I follow your escrow-procedure.

      You can make it a lot smarter and easier. Like Freelancer or the others.

      I willl not recommend you to my collegues if you do not make it easier – sorry guys.

      • worknhire

        Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We are looking to constantly improve and are already working on making the payment process a lot more easier for our users. We will most definitely taking your feedback into account while redesigning our Escrow page.

  • Shabina Siddique

    I get error when I process to fund Escrow :

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function user() on a non-object in /home/etech/public_html/app/Model/User.php on line 45″

    • worknhire

      Hi, We had a technical error on our end which has been fixed now. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We would request you to try again.

  • dinesh

    i would like to cancel the escrow amount , so help me out

    • shivangi

      hello….dinesh did u get amount back from escrow

      • dinesh

        yeah i got it , he delayed the project , so asked him to drop the project & got money back

  • ame pan

    One of the client has used my wqrk but not paid. What to do ?