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GoG Delhi

Work with Excellence

Delhi, India |
Last Signed in: 29 May, 2020
April, 2016


Work with Excellence: Having an experience of corporate coordination and capacity planning & Management for 6+ years. Now working for own consultancy.... Looking to make a difference? ................. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will get it with us……………..A personal coach who not only provide you work but also guide you step by step. Help you understanding new work and enhance your skills and expertise. We believe working together and building block with care for both. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're looking for a provider where you're noticed, your opinions and creativity matter and where you feel you own your own business, you'll find it here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're a new born baby in this planet(WnH Portal), closely bonded team working hard to create a world-class service platform. We are building a team who will own and drive business - work as their own business across functions and bring the value to life of our clients. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will have immense freedom to experiment and implement your own creativity, idea, and plan to execute and help build a service, product almost from scratch. It’s a tremendously challenging and exciting learning experience!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s your chance, to participate in a journey of mutual learning…..bid with confidence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUR VALUES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > Mutual goals are our driving factors to achieve our as well as yours goal -------- > Responsiveness – Our Greatest Strength and we expect the same to be cultivated by you -------- > True Partnership and Flexibility -------- > Solid Work Structure: With highly visible Transparent discussion -------- > We deploy Unmatched Compliance Mechanism to protect our clients objectives -------- > Clarity in communication we practice like breathing and expect the same from all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All these values have born and being nurtured on the core foundation of Integrity, which is a must need to be associated with us.

Social Media Activities
May 27, 2020
Less than 5000 Rs.
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Translator Needed (Regional to English)
Apr 17, 2020
Less than 5000 Rs.
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Fresh Writer Needed for Article Writing 4.0
Apr 7, 2020
Less than 5000 Rs.
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Total Rs.22,284
Per Project Rs.655
Total 25


4.8 by Disha Tapase
4.9 by supriyaa

Payment released on-time

4.8 by Priyanka Jain

Thank you for the opportunity and trust for giving me this project.It was fun and interesting working with you and I would prefer to work with you again in the near future. Highly Recommended!!!!