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Ushta Te Consultancy Services LLP

Opportunity for Transcriptors for Regional Languages

Maharashtra, India |
Last Signed in: 09 Sep, 2019
April, 2019


We have a requirement for Marathi transcription services and would appreciate your inputs on the same: 1. Whether you will be able to handle Marathi transcription with the native speakers 2. Cost in INR / minute of transcribed output and output hrs / month 3. Quality Control approach Please transcribe with time coding and tags. Please find few rules which has to be followed during transcription: • Specify each speech segment location (start and end time), according to when a speaker change occurs (or when the first speaker begins speaking) • A speech segment length should not exceed 20s. If a particular speaker speaks for more than 20s, then it should be broken down into multiple segments such that each segment is complete and meaningful. • No segment should have a silence or noise component continuously for more than 4s. Such components should be excluded from transcriptions i.e. there should not be any segment encompassing that time frame. • The start time and end time of each segment should be noted precisely i.e. atleast upto milliseconds (3 places after decimal for a second) • If there are 2 audio channels, do not need to label which channel each speaker is on. Only need to specify start and end time when one speaker transitions to another or when the first speaker begins speaking. • If call center scenario - In call center scenario, label speakers according to their id. A1 is the business agent and C1 is the customer. (example: A1 label for the first agent. If there are 2 agents, then the second agent will be labeled A2. C1 label for the first customer, etc.) • If not a call center scenario – In non-call center scenario where two people are having a conversation, label speakers as C1 and C2. • Transcription is done on each speech segment. Transcription rules below must be followed. Required Details Types of software’s used- Hours per day - Kinds of tagging - Quality check - Rates received from clients - Time stamping - I have also attached the files for sample for your reference and test files for transcription. Please transcribe with time coding.

Hindi and English Transcribers -Freelancing Project
Aug 28, 2019
5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
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Language Expert for Assamese and Punjabi Translation Hyderabad Location
Aug 28, 2019
20,000 - 50,000 Rs.
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Content Moderator @Hyderabad for 12 Months contract
Aug 12, 2019
50,000 - 100,000 Rs.
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