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Client: mesaboogie
Website Programming
3rd Aug, 2018
Rs. 12000.00
Job Details
Let me say upfront, I have paid 2/3 of the contract sum. First of the programmer tried - spend a lot of time to fix template - but not succeed. No solutions, although I think there are. So I was forced to accept a 'not optimal' WP website. A professional would have another attitude and solve at the basics instead working around it, which did not bring any solutions. Second; I provide a detailed instructions list, the programmer keep on saying done all.Actually already after 1,5 week. But the most essential pasts were not done at all, such as contact page and admin, the customizing of forms and design of the jobs and candidate parts, and a lot smaller of things were not 100%. It is pointless to continue such a discussion after 3 weeks. Not complete the full list totally at once, but requested for every added small part a check, which frustrated me because nothing 100% right the first time. So we had already a time overrun, got a site with missing features, and also work was half done although programmer thinks it is done. I decide to stop the work and take my loss - have to find new programmer, we are already late with the launch, will loss more time and money. I have given several signal of unhappiness, before I stopped the work, but the programmer is too stubborn to listen to a client and study the needs of the instructions of an assignment. Bad attitude and bad communication. Too bad because I could need for several projects an WP programmer.
He is cheater, its second time he work with me, And did same,, Please check the list he provided and the work I have done, with commited things, current theme have issue, I update him everytime the limitation of the tamplate, but the over all I achive the result below is the list of point I covered all I give three time to cross check it, He provided other files to me as well, That all others files points I covered what his issues, As he think everything completed as per of file, Without pay he stop my access over his server. I think he is cheater. ThailandManagementSupport.com We will use 2 templates(Done) installed is https://themeforest.net/item/proffs-business-and-finance-wordpress-theme/21364919 Second need to be installed is a Job recruitment template SIMPLE VERSION NO PAYMENT options of https://themeforest.net/item/careerfy-job-board-wordpress-theme/21137053?s_rank=2 A. Visual / the Looks(Done) 1. Colors 62587C E198B2 FEFEE8 all what is now green should be E198B2 and when mouse scrolls over it change to 62587C 2. Logo (Done) it is in but size on desktop it should be 2x larger (mobile is fine) 3. Improve text cut offs(Done) there are many not nice / weird cut offs in both desktop as in mobile version, these should be made better. An example of this is (so u understand) –>Managem …. ent 4. Header line(Bit Rework)(its is huge word but can you please check it in google using website link you will see all the lines are their.) Above in the site on 1 line (not in a box like now) I would like to have Thailand Management Support: Temporary Staffing - Recruitment - Consulting - We Are Professionals in Accounting, Communication, Human Resources & Marketing Also the social media icons must been shown This both in desktop and mobile (I do not see this in mobile) 5. Spacing between text lines(Done) make this better, lines close to each other see http://thailandmanagementsupport.com/services-item/temporary-staff/ 6. Make smaller(Its Done) Make those site You Are Her position Bands smaller in Height, half is a good height(but they should be in E198B2 (or 62587C let see what looks better) 7. Icons(re work)(Brief Out the points sir) find and put in place some better icons as some of those standards now in are overused or not relevant to subject B. Technical Plugins(Stop as per your guidline) 1. Site must be dual language – English &Thai not fully but the major pages we will do Home - About Us - Services (plus 3 services pages) – Contact (this page we can make on 1 page dual) 2. Install (free) All In One Seo Pack(done) https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/ we need to get the metatags in (also for detail pages jobs and candidate detail pages) Metatags (page url, title, description and keywords) 3. Contact Us (done) make contact form (dual language on 1 page) with - confirmation of receipt both on screen message and email message (with details and also send cc to us, so we know what is going on)(Done email id is [email protected]) All the notification you will get in this email id) - and we want to have our standard data storage page in ADMIN(Done) this is form(Rework) Salutation*select First Name* Last Name* Email* Telephone (add country code) Importanceselect IM Messenger* (preference skype)select IM Account* Subject*select Your Message (max 1000 characters) I am not a robot – reCaptcha (send) ADMIN - the code is just date plus sequence number(Please explain the point) - with scroll over you get contact info(Whom information contact details) - we can set and save status – so we know what is done (If you are talking about the cadidate and employer profile status then its inside the admin you can check and change anytime) this layout come after you login as employers profile this details are their) For details it opens a new page Screen message(Done but in same page it show msg of sending msg) Success! Contact form submitted successfully. Thank you very much for the contact message. We will contact you shortly to answer and/or will start a discuss with you on your preferred messenger. CONTACT EMAIL MESSAGE subject: Contact Us confirmation – Thailand Management Support [logo] Dear first+last name,(Rework) Success! The Contact form is submitted successfully. Thank you for contacting us. We will soon contact you or we will send by email our answer or will start a discuss with you on your preferred messenger. Please see also in this email below the details of your send contact us form. Kind regards, The TMS Team www.ThailandManagementSupport.com (here full list below – of all data uploaded) Salutation: First Name: Last Name: Email: Phone: Importance: Messenger: Account: Subject: Message: 4. Google analytics must be in maybe t standard in, did not check yet 5. Site maps(Done) front end plus .xml and robots.txt Also want detail page of jobs and candidates listed in a site map ! 6. FAQ plugin (put access link in the Footer)(Done) it is in Careerfy script, http://preview.themeforest.net/item/careerfy-job-board-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/21137053?_ga=2.120515272.1146260394.1533172837-1606293111.1532327073 several levels needed Subject1 Q1 A1 Q2 A2 Subject 2 Q1 A1 Q2 A2 7.Able to create several pages for in Footer 8. Newsletter Subscription(Done and working) Option to subscribe and unsubscribe and a design template for newsletter as we will publish those on site. I believe it is half in or maybe we need an add-on C. Menu(Login is on top if you like I will add after the menu) Home About Us ServicesProjectsJobsCandidates Blog Contact (login) Jobs and Candidates are coming from Careerfy script Footer(Done) FAQ Site Terms Privacy Policy Cookies PolicyEmail Disclaimer Site Map JOBS – JOBS WITH FILTERS(Done) CANDIDATE – CANDIDATE LISTING(Done) D. Jobs part(let me make some demo logins)(Not Done) in red the changes I will put the selection data in https://themeforest.net/item/careerfy-job-board-wordpress-theme/21137053?s_rank=2 Demo User Employer USERNAME: zeeva-hiring-co PASSWORD: demo12345 Demo User Candidate USERNAME: peter-peters PASSWORD: demo12345 CONSULTANT ADMIN(Done ) Consultant Name (Zeeva Hiring Co) Dashboard Consultant Company Profile Post a New Job Manage Jobs Search Candidates Shortlisted Resumes Packagesout Transactions out Change Password Logout CONSULTANT PROFILE(Done) (so we can get the details in the jobs) Basic Information Delete Cover Upload Consultant Photo Company Name * Email Phone Website Sector Profession Expertise (select max 5) Industry Expertise (select max 5) Founded Date About CompanyConsultant Other Consultant Information Founded Since * out Company Social Facebook Twitter Google Plus Linkedin Dribbble Address / Location Country United Kingdom City London Full Address Find on Map Latitude Longitude Zoom Map data ©2018 Google Terms of Use For the precise location, you can drag and drop the pin. Team Members Add Team Member Upload More Images You accepts our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy NEW JOB POSTING(Done) Logo (add) Client(add) Consultant(add) Job Title * Description * Application Deadline Job SectorProfession *(just rename) Job Type * Required Skills(done) Job Apply Type Internal Salary * Monthly THB$ THB$ Just make this standard THB etc Salary Currency Default Currency position Left Thousand separator Number of decimals Other JobInformation(yes) Offered Salarycan we set range min-max? it is in as I see in the jobs Career Level Experience * Industry *move up Education Level / Qualifications *move up GenderThai/Expat*rename / other selection File Attachments(yes) Upload Files Address / Location(yes) Country * City * Full Address * Find on Map(yes) Latitude Longitude Zoom(yes) You accepts our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy JOBS BASIC (girder / plus detail page)(Rework) METATAG of DETAIL JOB PAGE have to decide CANDIDATE SEARCH - after search – results needs to transfer in excel main personal data !(Need to check the possibilities) able to search on Job Type Profession Salary Range Career Level Experience Industry Education Level Nationality E. Candidate part(Done) in red the changes I will put the selection data in https://themeforest.net/item/careerfy-job-board-wordpress-theme/21137053?s_rank=2 Demo User Candidate USERNAME: peter-peters PASSWORD: demo12345 JOBSEEKER ADMIN Dashboard My Profile Upload CV & Cover Letter(is CV Manager) My Resume Applied Jobs CV Managerextend and move(Please explain it) Favourite Jobs Packages Transactions Job Alerts Change Password Logout My Jobseeker Profile(Will do changes left) Basic Information Your Name * Email Date of Birth: Phone IM Messenger IM Account SectorCurrent Profession CurrentJob Title CurrentSalaryTHB make standard settings Monthly Salary Currency Default Currency position Thousand separator Number of decimals Other InformationCandidate Job Profile(this is mainly needed for search candidates) Academic Level * Age * Salary * Gender * Industry * Gender* replace Age *replace Nationality * add Job Type (select max 2) add Profession (select max 3)add, also above in form but here to be used for search as you have more options Salary Rangereplace Career Leveladd Experience (years) add Industry (select max 3)replace Education Level replace, + rename of Academic Level Remarks / Questions (text max 300 characters) Profile Pitch & Description Permission to Publish Your Anonymous Profile on the TMS Site* Personal Pitch Title (text max. 70 characters)* Personal Description (text max. 225 characters)* Long Description (editor) Freelancers Only Specific Freelance Expertise (text max. 500 characters)* Freelance Usual Hour Rate (in THB) Freelance Usual Day Rate (in THB) Social Links Facebook Twitter Google Plus Linkedin Dribbble Address / Location Country City Full Address 0 You accepts our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Candidate Profile Post the profiles ANONYMOUS on Front end, they(Who Need?) need a profile code if candidates have given permission - we need to set from ADMIN! BUT IN SEARCH FROM US consultants - we have all data including PIC & CONTACT DATA – NOT ANONYMOUS Candidate Detail Profile Page Candidate Listings(Please explain it) METATAG of DETAIL CANDIATE PAGE have to decide F. Quality of site coding(Just Rechecking all it well till now) - Mobile and Responsive Mobile site must be 100% on browsers Chrome, FF, IE and Safari - SeoSiteCeckUp.com >90/100 - Dareboost.com >90/100 - speed on tools.pingdom.com 90/100
1 Results