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Sify.com Channels, Bebeautiful.in, Bebeautiful.in, wap.bharatmatrimony.com, offlinepayment.matchintl.com
Website Description:
Project Description: Sify.com is a consumer portal division of Sify Technologies Ltd, provides various services such as news, entertainment, online shopping, etc. Sify is the major integrated end-to-end eSolutions provider in India. Project 2: Bebeautiful.in Project Description: Bebeautiful is a site for the beauty products , articles and experts discussion board. Sify provide the technology to HUL for interactive service to handle the site. The site is bulid on the REST API.External Plugin's can be easliy embed via webservice. The App flow is introduced and automated so we can add & remove the service. Project 3: Facebook apps Project Description: Sify provides the content for the social readers through the facebook apps. App is design to increase the site traffic Project 4: wap.bharatmatrimony.com Project Description: Registered member receives an SMS alert message, If an express interest or personalized message received his/her profile. Based on that message he/she can login in wapmatrimony or online. After that they can view the sender's details and accept or reply for that message from wapmatrimony. User can register their profile via mobile. My main contribution towards the project involves designing and implementing application with detecting mobile device using TERA WURLF and get the width and height of Mobile devices and assign to web pages. Project 5:offlinepayment.matchintl.com Project Description: Offline payment is the part of Bharatmatrimony.com;it's used for offline payment entry for profile up gradation and degradation.There are four modules available, which are super admin, branch, zone and franchisees.The admin part has an efficient Content Management System by which we can easily change the page layouts and content