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News Alerts Hutchp
Website Description:
This system is used to send news alerts to Hutch users. The system provides for 3 different types of users: a. Admin: Performs all admin activities like addition of other types of users, changes to account information etc and can get details about any content provider or Hutch user. b. Content Provider: Using the web based interface, content providers can upload the content they would like to publish. c. Hutch user: End user who can use the web based interface to activate or deactivate any of the Hutch provided mobile services. When subscriber wants to listen news, first the system will check whether he is a registered user. If not, user is given an option to Register. Registered users are charged a monthly fee and are enrolled to get news alerts. Every time fresh content/news is uploaded to the Hutch site by a content provider, an alert is sent to the Hutch customer’s cell number. All user management interface and Interface for uploading content is implemented using PHP with MySQL Database on Linux OS. The Alerts module which scans the database and sends News alerts to Hutch users is implemented in C++ using SMMP protocol. Worked onsite from Feb 2009 to June 2009 for 3 months
ApnaCircle.com (Business & Career Networking Site)
Website Description:
ApnaCircle.com is a product of Viadeo Group of Company.ApnaCircle is a business-oriented online social networking platform.ApnaCircle lets members maintain a list of business partners, allowing them to stay in touch, use or help each other to find a job, or create business opportunities. . Professionals can use the network to enhance their career prospects, discover business opportunities, build relationships with new contacts and create their effective online identities.