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The Art of Muay Thai
Website Description:
Thailand or kingdom of Thailand which is world known for its beauty, culture and History. The land of White Elephants located in the south East Asia. Its beauty and diversity with Food and hospitality is admired all across World, apart from other possession there is one more very outstanding Art called as Muay Thai which attracts Boxing Fans all across world. Thailand's ancient name was Siam which is derived from Sanskrit word Sham means Lord Krishna, the current name also has a very significant meaning as Thai means Independent and the complete name says Land of Freedom which describes as the pride of this nation as always been victorious. Muay Thai started from sixteenth century which has become favorite of every martial art or combat fight lover as it’s the same old science which was used by many Thai fighters and won several battles against followers of other Martial arts in history. Muay Thai style and posture is so scientific and mixture of discipline and concentration from Head to toe makes the warrior or the Fighter not less then a Metal with physical and mental strength can cross any Opponent to show the Ground. It is designed by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good Body preparation that makes a full-contact fight very effective. The power of this traditional combat sport is very divine and Unbeatable should be admired and respected to bring to its original state for the benefit of Current civilization as well.