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Is Your Ego Getting in the Way of Your Writing?
Website Description:
All artists have trouble with their egos. Maybe it’s because unlike other fields, our sense of self and our creation are personally intertwined in a beautiful, yet complicated relationship. We often get defensive when editors pick away at our prose. And when finally hitting send on that perfect piece we spent days on, we’ve never felt more vulnerable. That’s why it hurts so much when we’re rejected. It’s not just an attack on our work, but it feels like an attack on our soul. But allowing our egos to get wrapped up in our work isn’t just unrealistic and draining, it’s bad for business. I asked my husband recently about what it is about artistic fields that can make even the strongest among us, neurotic, defensive and whiny. He said simply, “It’s subjective work. If I’m doing something for my job, I’ll know if it’s right or wrong. For you, it’s a little more shady.” That gray area can mean that no matter how many times you think you got it “right,” there’s someone with a red pen ready to mark up your work and say it’s, “wrong.” On one hand, that’s a good thing. Being a writer, forces you to continuously work on improving and getting better. On the other hand, if you’re a perfectionist, you might have to be like me and learn how to take the criticisms as they come. You need to realize it’s never a personal thing. It’s your job. So when you feel under attack, try the following to get back on track:
Faiths and truths
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its about the faiths and truths that existing along in our world about the vaasthu shaasthra,and astrology........
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About the Valuable features between the devotional thoughts of the indian culture.