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Peach Arch Toyota
Website Description:
This Application will provide people a simple way to ensure they get the most from their dealerships’ services. Whether it’s buying a new or used car or scheduling a maintenance or service, we will ensure we minimize customer process to access auto record files and simplify how they engage their dealership. Together we provide easy access to dealership and manufacturer communications and information about your vehicle to protect you, and to maximize the resale of your investment in the future. This dealer mobile application will help provide best customer satisfaction and peace of mind that their dealership is helping to protect their investment. Upon any purchase or service with your vehicle, dealerships will document all invoices, service records and payment history, along with user manuals and information about their purchase for easy accessibility.
Website Description:
Description iCancerHealth is your virtual oncology nurse and companion delivered via a unique mobile and web-based platform designed to help you more easily manage your cancer care, so that you can focus on your life. iCancerHealth bridges the care between the clinic and home and is FREE for all cancer patients and caregivers. It provides you the resources you need to manage your cancer care in one single App. - Manage your chemo and oncolytics medications - Track and report overall health, symptoms and treatment plan - Share progress reports with your doctor via email or print - Guidance with timely disease and drug specific information - Invite multiple caregivers - Share and connect with your care team and loved ones - Connect with cancer patient community for support - Manage your vitals. Collects vital data either manually or passively and sends data and alerts to your care team if there is a concern. Integration to HealthKit and bluetooth personal health devices including Withings, iHealth, Fitbit...