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Website Description:
I am an accomplished writer and a communications professional with an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi, which I passed with merit. I have consistently excelled in academics. I topped my class in Economics, Marketing and Advertising and was the recipient of the highest grades in those subjects. I also worked as a Consulting Editor in a supplement magazine conceptualizing and carrying through the entire design and content of the publication. I began my writing career as a desk journalist with a leading English-language magazine called ‘The Sunday Indian’. On that job, I learned the basics of effective communication, which included the oft-abused elements like accurate English, conceptual clarity, structured thought and more importantly, economy of expression. Armed with these acquisitions, I moved to business journalism to lend simplicity to the way complex business techniques were communicated to its intended audience. For more than the three years or so, I have been an academic writer and proofreader working in various capacities at international academic writing firms. I have been operating in intensely multicultural environments, executing academic dissertation projects in collaboration with geographically distributed teams. I have developed a range of communication material intended for a diverse and global audience. I have always been a stickler for quality, with an eye for detail and an unwavering focus on excellence.