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Freelance content writer/editor

Uttar Pradesh, India |
Minimum Rate: Rs.200 / hour

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Last Signed in: 27 Jul, 2012
July, 2012
2 Year


I am 25 years of age, born, raised and schooled in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I graduated in Commerce but post graduated in Mass Communication, owing to my love of languages and the written word. I got married in December 2011, and have since moved base to Noida, where I’m also employed at present. My career so far has been a blend of content writing, editing/proofreading, language training and mainstream journalism. I take pride in being extremely fluent in both English and French. I began my career at the age of 18 with teaching French at the Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad. I was a student there, and was offered a position as Professor. I went on to work there for a full three years (part-time), while simultaneously pursuing my graduation and preparing for post grad entrances. I quit so that I could complete my Masters in Mass Communication from Symbiosis in Pune (2008-2010). On completion of the course, I returned to Ahmedabad to join DNA (Daily News & Analysis) as Copy Editor. I worked there for nearly a year, before moving to a training-cum-content generation-cum-research role at the Shanti Business/Communication School, Ahmedabad. All along, I continued teaching French at the Alliance Francaise, especially on weekends. As of today, I have just quit working with a New Delhi/Noida-based monthly career magazine, as Senior Copy Editor. I used to edit every single article of our 90-page plus magazine, besides supplying headlines, providing design and layout briefs to designers, proofreading and supervising the production of the magazine. I also supported the correspondents, provide ideas for stories, liason with regional bureaux for their inputs and rewrite stories on a regular basis. My journalistic experience has enhanced my writing, editing and proofreading skills, making me very comfortable with every possible form of written communication. My association thereafter with the educational institutes has helped me grow roots in content writing and academic research. And most importantly, my years spent teaching French, within the Alliance Francaise and in other institutes, have given me a very keen eye over grammar, syntax, structure and vocabulary – practically every aspect of knowing a language. I now wish to work freelance, so that I can set aside logistical limitations and instead channelize all my time and energies into freelance content writing and editing. This could be in any domain, as long as the writing isn’t overtly technical in nature. I am presently working freelance for a content agency based in North India, where I write content for a lifestyle portal. I am also very keen on working freelance as a Sub-Editor, because that will let me strike a balance between writing and sub-editing: the two things I love the most.

Freelance Content Writer and Editor


Daily News & Analysis (DNA)

Copy Writer
2010 - 2011

I worked as Copy Editor on the City and Lifestyle pages of this daily newspaper, and edited 8-10 stories a day, at times even more. Was responsible for headlines, intro straps, photo selection and page layout as well. Got a gruelling but thoroughly exhaustive experience of editing and proofreading.

Shanti Business/Communication School

Assistant Professor (Content+Research)
2011 - 2011

I joined this above institute as an academic person, but my main responsibilities included writing and editing the content for their brochures, websites, print ads and academic papers.

M.Y.O.D magazine (Planman Media)

Senior Copy Editor
2012 - 2012

Was the only person in the M.Y.o.D team responsible for content editing, proofing, editorial coordination, layout and design. I edited the entire 90-page magazine, give it the headlines and straps, and put it together at the design desk.

Freelance writing agencies

Freelance content writer and editor
2012 - Present

I am now a full-time freelancer, writing content for a lifestyle shopping portal. I am looking to expand my repertoire, and want to get involved in all kinds of writing.


H.L. College of Commerce (Gujarat University)

2004 - 2007

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune

Masters in Mass Communication (Journalism)
2008 - 2010
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