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The Wordsmith

Writer, Editor, Television Features Producer and Communications Specialist with 8 + years of experience

Uttar Pradesh, India |
Minimum Rate: Rs.500 / hour

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Last Signed in: 10 Apr, 2014
September, 2013
8 Year


I am a television producer with over 8 years of experience. I am a communications specialist with an eye for creativity and detail. In my career, I have worked as Head of Features in a leading news organisation. The electronic medium has given me the chance to work on several genres and formats. From lifestyle features, to social and political documentaries, investigative shows, to biographies, debates and discussions and news features I have a wide range of experience in television programming. As a writer, I have two assisted two first time writers ghost-write their books. I have also edited academic essays for students applying to foreign universities. In 2012, I worked briefly for a news & current affairs website as a Consulting Editor. I also teach Communications are a professional training institute in Noida. I am a blogger and I have a personal blog called The Little Things That Matter where I talk about my books and views of the world. I also have a parenting blog called On-board the Mommyship. I also contribute to Parentous, a growing community for parents in India. I am passionate about parenting and enjoy reading and writing about kids, child care, parenting, education, activities and learning. I can be found on Twitter as WordsmithsDesk, I can also be found on Google +, Instagram and Pinterest. Last year I formed The Wordsmith as a brand that allows me to market my services as a freelancer and content service provider. As a firm, we offer content services both written and visual to clients. From web content, to blogs, newsletters, brochures to visual content like corporate films, training films and video blogs, we offer a range of services. The Wordsmith is a creative firm that involves mothers from creative fields and engages them in projects that suit them. Please find attached a small brief about us. The Wordsmith is a unique set up that works with mostly work-at-home mothers in the creative fields. Motherhood is a trying phase for all of us, and as much as we would like to stay connected with our creative and earning avatars, we are often made to give it all up. Since inception, we have worked on a few yet very satisfying projects. We have worked with a leading Market Research company as their Content Partner for a period of six months. Our role was to write qualitative research based articles on a monthly basis. Besides company brochures, we have also written web content for two companies. We have directed two training videos; one for an education firm and another corporate film for a professional training institute. We now handle the company blog of a soon-to-be-launched wellness website. As content partners, we work closely with the client in understanding his needs and create timely, high quality content that suits one’s business and brand. The Wordsmith works on a collaborative model where you can think of us as a bunch of freelancers who come together for a certain project. Mostly we work as individuals and sometimes together if the project requires. As a writer and editor at The Wordsmith, I enjoy being on both sides of the fence. I actively write for various projects and edit that which is written by my WAHM friends. In my spare time I am a voracious reader, a rookie fiction writer, social media enthusiast and a mother who is constantly blowing thought bubbles creating activities to keep her son busy! Some of the work that I offer as a freelancer: E-Books E-Brochures Web Content Blogs Business Writing Personal Stories Academic Writing Photography Video Blogs / Corporate Films / Instructional Films For more visit: http://thewordsmithsdesk.wordpress.com/



Times Now

2005 - 2012

As the Features Head in the channel, I produced shows of varied genres and formats. From lifestyle, to sports, to investigative, political, travel and documentaries, I have a rich experience in non-fiction television programming.

The Wordsmith

Founder (Writer & Editor)
2012 - Present

The Wordsmith is a niche content creation and management firm that gives shape to your ideas. We are passionate about content and believe that every idea in this world deserves a unique presentation. We are articulate. We talk precisely. We write to the point. So if you are running out of words lately, perhaps it’s time to hire us as content partners! We have a special soft spot for personal stories, start-ups, women run organisations, businesses in the field of education, food and child care. If your business doesn’t fall in any of these, don’t worry we can look after you with equal finesse! So join us for a cup of coffee and let’s get talking about you. With us in tow, you will never run out of words. WHAT WE DO We offer a range of services, if your requirement is not under these, give us a call and we can come up with something! Some of the things that we love to dapple with: PRINTS & E-FORMATS E-Books: Libraries are passé. Book stores have gone online. The average reader prefers reading on the go. Be it a hand phone, tablet or laptop, reading has gone mobile. In such a situation, e-books serve as perfect vehicles to carry information. Do you hold an expertise in a given field? Do you think you can use your experience to write a book? How about an instructional guide that can help others? Talk to us and we will write it for you! From ghost writing, to illustrating and designing, your e-book can be your stepping stone into the world of publishing! E-Brochures: The obvious question would be why do I need an e-brochure when I have a website? Have you ever considered that your client may not be keen to opening the various tabs on your website? An e-brochure is the perfect sales and marketing tool that allows for brevity without compromising the content. Are your consumers present in diverse locations? Or do you have clientele spread across the world? Use our specially crafted & designed e-brochures to make that dynamic first impression. Coffee Table Books: They may not be the books that you would take into a coffee shop and read. But coffee table books are a great way to engage a visitor to your company while he waits to meet you! Coffee table books serve several purposes. From being picture books to product diaries, coffee table books are high on design and content. So do you want to keep your guest waiting a wee bit longer? We say, let him stay busy with a book that lures him to do business with you! WEB CONTENT & BLOGS Web Content: The world is going digital and if you do not have an address on the world wide web, then you are clearly from pre-historic ages! Everyone is searching for someone on the web. You must make sure that when your business is being searched for, you show up high on the list! A unique, SEO-rich web content will help you do just that! Tell us about your business and we will be happy writing your online identity for you! Blogs: Everyone & everything has a voice that ought to be heard. Yes, treat your company as a brand and you as its brand ambassador. Today it is just not enough to have a sparkling product line, it is equally important to communicate with your buyer. A company blog lets you do just that! You may be an e-commerce website, or your city’s best interior decorator firm; if you are not communicating with your consumer through a unique blog, you are not doing enough. As content partners, The Wordsmith will run your blog. BUSINESS WRITING We understand the worth of running a business. What we understand more closely is the truth worth of clients. Communication is critical for every business for it to succeed, it is important to be in constant touch with clients. Let us into your business and we will design a communication strategy. From newsletters, to emails to designing content for 360 degree communication, our think tank is always tinkering with ideas. PERSONAL STORIES Everyone has a story that is worth telling. Be it your grandmother’s love story with your late grandfather, or the birth story of your child. It could be the story of how you became a millionaire, or how you fought through the struggles of your life and emerged a winner. There is a story in all of us! A niche offering for select clients, Personal Stories is an effort to chronicle these journeys for private reading. We provide ghost writing services for writing memoirs, personal biographies and journals. What more, we also help you publish it make it a collector’s item! FILM, VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS A picture speaks more than a thousand words? Heard that before? Then let us get you those pictures that make words redundant! If blogs don’t rock your boat, then try video blogs where you communicate directly with your consumer! We also make corporate films and instructional videos for both in-house audiences and sales & marketing purposes. High on content and videos are great advertorials for your product and business. We also have a host of excellent photographers who specialise in all forms of photography. ACADEMIC WRITING Do you have your eyes set on a foreign university? Then chances are that heaps of application essays are giving your nightmares! Let us assist you in your pursuit of higher education by guiding and editing your applications. We offer counselling and editing services for study abroad applicants. Let us help you put your best foot forward!


School of Convergence @ IMI

PG Diploma in Content Creation and Management
2003 - 2005

Lady Shri Ram

BA English (Hons)
2000 - 2003
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