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Seasoned professional with 25 years of experience interested in imparting in-house training on various Legal, Corporate, HR, Company Secretarial & other subjects important for professional & career growth.

Maharashtra, India |

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Last Signed in: 17 Aug, 2013
August, 2013
25 Year


The immense importance of education & regular training is known to everyone. Even after completing the formal education one has to keep abreast of the latest in the field and remain updated to face the growing competition & ever increasing challenges. The professionals and qualified people while concentrating on their current job responsibilities and maintaining work life balance may find it tough to keep pace with the competitive growth & fulfilling the expectations of the employers. That’s the precise reason where the seasoned senior professionals with sound practical experience can contribute their share of social responsibilities and play a pivotal role in education, training & development of the youngsters. It is with above objectives that we have taken up the cause of educating, imparting training and developing the young professionals on various specialised subjects of wider professional importance and career growth. We are primarily interested in conducting in-house training programmes / workshops for smaller groups as per the needs of the employers / organisations keeping in view the product portfolio, lines of business operations / activities and the applicable laws / statutes having bearing on the products and businesses. This focussed approach of our committed training is expected to accomplish greater regulatory compliances, better governance, reduced customer complaints and will develop adequately informed team of employees which will result in saving cost & expenses, increasing the bottom line and a happy work force. While we are capable of conducting workshops & training programmes related to Corporate Affairs / Services, Company Secretarial, HR & Legal matters, some of the specialised & unique subjects identified by us include the following (to give a glimpse of our topics):- • Project Finance - Basics & Documentation • New Projects / Products / Activities • IPRs – registration, protection and opposition • Legal Metrology & Packaged commodities- Procedures & Regulations • Food Safety & Standards – Procedures & Regulations • Factory & Industrial Regulations • Environment Control & Pollution • Labour Legislations • Credit Collection, Bad Debts & Recoveries • Cheque Bouncing – causes & precautions • Arbitration, Conciliation & Disputes Resolution • Joint Ventures & Technology Transfer • Mergers & Amalgamations • Statutes, Legislations & Compliances • Company Secretarial Practices • Indirect Tax matters • Consumer Protection – Law & Precautions • Competition Act matters • Implication of Foreign Countries’ Legislations viz. – • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act • UK Bribery Act • SOX Act • Anti-trust Legislation Considering the organisational / business requirements, the background of the participants & training objectives, the Training Modules for the specific Groups are decided by us through by prior discussions & meetings with the concerned Training Managers / Business In-charge. The training sessions are deliberately kept interactive in order to have healthy exchange of ideas & thoughts while providing adequate subject knowledge with practical examples. We are confident that once the particular Group of employees is exposed to our training sessions, your organisational objectives of training & development will surely be achieved and you will call us again for other important topics of organisational importance for overall professional growth of the employees. After all, we believe that the well informed and knowledgeable group of employees is the greatest strength and asset of any organisation. We look forward to your encouragement and shall be thankful, if you could give us an opportunity to discuss with you to take this proposal further.

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