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Maharashtra, India |
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Last Signed in: 21 Oct, 2015
July, 2015
17 Year


A passionate Learning and Development Specialist for over 10 years across different verticals at various contact centres and corporate outfits in India and New Zealand. This includes soft skills and customer service, content development, accent neutralisation, conflict management and team building, sales and negotiation, process and induction training, communication and interpersonal skills as well as Train the Trainer. A very confident, focused and disciplined professional; a self started and extremely enthusiastic. Also self-motivated and able to work under pressure and doesn't shy away from challenges. I am freelance trainer by profession and I am open to travel.

Freelance as a Learning & Development Specialist


Atlantis Healthcare

Contact Centre Trainer
2009 - 2014

Atlantis Healthcare is a leader in providing patient support programs and adherence solutions. They create engaging adherence and self-management programs for patients and clinicians. I worked within the contact centre where I trained across four different healthcare related clients. Not only did I facilitate training programs for clients in New Zealand and Australia but also formulated and designed training outlines, course content, assessments and quality forms. I also determined the instructional methods to be used during training with the main focus on sales, process and systems. To help gauge the effectiveness of training and development programs, I conducted TNA’s (Training Need Analysis) and utilised the relevant data to revise or recommend changes in instructional objectives and methods. To ensure that quality was being met, I monitored and coached staff on methods to improve sales thus impacting overall productivity. I have experience working on an LMS as well as helped with the recruitment process. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS I was promoted to Trainer within a year of working at Atlantis Healthcare i.e. in March 2010 and was awarded for ‘Best Quality’ in September 2009 at Atlantis Healthcare


Executive - Training
2008 - 2008

Zenta is a BPO outfit and dealt with credit card collections and sales for their American clients. I was predominantly in charge of onboarding and induction training where I facilitated training programs; accent neutralisation and understanding the American culture was the main focus. Floor support was also a part of my responsibilities; provided staff with feedback and coached them on how to be more effective when dealing with customer queries. Designed grammar tests for the company intranet so that staff could access them to help improve their communication skills. To ensure quality of people joining the company, I was part of the recruitment process. I even organised stress busters for the team every month.

Epicenter Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Executive - Training
2002 - 2008

Epicentre Technologies is a BPO outfit; their clients were were mainly from the telecom and financial industry (credit card collection / sales) and were clients America, UK and Australia. My Alma Mater, my learning ground; Epicenter is the reason I am where I am and I have confidence that I have. I started as a Customer Service Representative in 2002 and with encouragement from my direct and indirect reports and people in management; I climbed my way up the corporate ladder. I was given opportunities to showcase my ability across different portfolios however Accent Neutralisation became my forte and I was passionate about the outcome. I facilitated the onboarding and induction training programs; covered accent neutralisation, American culture, Negotiation and English grammar. I also trained process and systems for the various Telecom processes; Sales was an integral part of this training. Conducted TNA’s (Training Need Analysis) for these pilot processes; identified areas of opportunity, minimized them and in turn helped to increase productivity (sales). I also looked after quality to ensure that staff adhered to our client’s requirements. In 2004, I was promoted to a Team Leader where I led a team of 17; our main focus was sales conversion. KEYACHIEVEMENTS Awarded in Epicenter Technologies: ‘The Best Trainer – Voice and Accent’ in 2006 ‘Exceptional Performer as Trainer’ as part of supporting operations (telecom processes) in April 2005 ‘The Best Team Leader’ - TeleBrands ( a U.K telesales process) in July in 2004 ‘The Best Team Player’ - Capital One (an American debt collection process) in November 2002

Firstsource Solutions Limited

Customer Relations Associate
2000 - 2001

FirstSource is a BPO outfit; providing solutions across the Telecommunications & Media, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Publishing industries. This was where my career in the BPO industry first started; worked as a Customer Service Representative and handled customer queries for an Indian shopping portal.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Reservations Assistant
1999 - 2000

The Oberoi Hotel is part of the Oberoi Chain of Hotels, a well known 5 star chain across different parts of India and in some parts of the world. I was in charge of making reservations for the entire chain of hotels (business and leisure) within India and overseas. Up-selling new properties to both existing and new clients was a key part of my responsibilities.

Trimurti Holidays

Tours Executive
1998 - 1998

Trimurti Holidays was Travel and Tourism company that handled tours and holidays for groups as well as individuals I was in charge of outbound passenger travel and designed their itineraries and holiday packages

Orbit Tours and Travels

Intern Executive
1998 - 1998

Orbit Tours was Travel and Tourism company that handled mainly trade fairs, business and leisure tours I assisted in various departments to learn how to handle the various types of tours; even handled walk in customers.


University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Arts
1996 - 1997
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