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3D human faces

Graphic Design & Multimedia > Graphic Design

Posted: 12th Apr 2018
BUDGET:Greater than 100,000 Rs.
TIME LEFT:148d, 18h
TIME FRAME:Over 6 Months

Job Description

H! Al!

Need a 3D modeler for 12 3D human faces ASAP.

If you or any of your friends are interested, please revert to me ASAP.

- Indrajit

++++ ++++ ++++ ++++

Faces details -

1. Rick Mayor (Lead)
Age - 27
White male, dark brown eyes and hair cut short. Rick is a rugged looking guy. He works in a book store. He is outgoing and full of adventure. He stays in shape. He dresses casual, but cares about style.

2. Donnie Brown
Age - 28
White male, dirty blond hair. Rick's best friend since they were kids. He's a goofy guy and makes a lot of jokes when the time is right and when it is not. He dresses casual.

3. Marven Creed
Age - 31
Dark eyes and hair white male. Athletic military build. Agent of the senates Elite Military.

4. Austra Sree (Lead love interest of Rick Mayor)
Age - 25
Pale white skin. Dark hair, dark eyes. She cares about fitness and health. She works for Luxor Enterprises. In the observation lab. She loves the sciences and the history of Earth one.

5. Jenna Greene
Age - 33
Lead reporter at channel 7 news. Blond hair, green eyes. Slim curvy build. She is down to get to the root of any story and will do anything to get it.

6. Senator Ronzul Cross
Age - 61
Head of the earth two senate. His hair is dark black with peppered in grey. Senators always hear the earth two senate uniform. He always gets what he wants and always gets it.

7. Senator Karen Brim
Age - 54
Grey hair, blue eyes. She has a frail build, but was apart of the earth two marines. She doesn't take No for an answer and could handle herself if need be.

8. Senator Thomas Stone
Age - 40
African-American male. Medium build. Once a President of Menzee Corporation. The most successful technology firm.

9. Senator Jonathon Michael
Age - 45
Male, white. Thin build. Once a Mayor of Sparka city, then turned Senator. Laid back attitude.

10. Dr. Raymond Spire
Age - 31
Dark hair and eyes white male. Professional look. Founder of the solar flares that destroyed earth one. Throught by many in the scientific community to have lost his mind.

11. Lucid Drake
Age - 41
Wealthy entrepreneur. Slim build. Hispanic male. Professional dress. President of Sparks Industries, also founder of the arc shuttle craft 1. Designed to carry a large human payload and sustain life for a number of years.

12. Savannah Brayson
Age - 32
Thin body type. Blond hair. Waitress. Bubbly attitude. College student. Works at the Cuppa Joe coffee shop, a good friend of Rick and Donnie.

Additional Information Added on 10th Feb, 2019

Please share your portfolio and phone number at Reach (AT THE RATE) Indrajit (DOT) in
Skills Required: 3d
Project Code: IND92934
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