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BullFish Labs - Photographers, painters and illustrators - Online gallery

Graphic Design & Multimedia > Graphic Design

Posted: 31st May 2019
BUDGET:Greater than 100,000 Rs.
TIME LEFT:67d, 8h
TIME FRAME:Over 6 Months

Job Description

H! Al!

BullFish Labs is coming up soon with online gallery (like https://www.prints.storyltd.com) for photographers, painters and illustrators to sell their art work.

I'll give a platform to photographers, painters and illustrators to showcase their work through thumbnails. If any item gets order, he/she would send the physical copy to the buyer through me and we share payment.

If you or any of your friends are interested, please revert to me ASAP.

- Indrajit

Additional Information Added on 10th Jun, 2019

Please share your portfolio and phone number at Reach (AT THE RATE) Indrajit (DOT) in
Skills Required: Illustration, Photography
Project Code: IND113702
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 1150903
Bid Date: Jul, 23 2019
Not Rated Yet.
e have the experience in designing nad develop web applications, ecommerce website etc.
Bid Code: 1287106
Bid Date: Jun, 15 2020
Not Rated Yet.
I have working experience of 6 years in the field of Website Development and designing and do have experience of working with platforms like PHP,HTML,Css, Wordpress, Shop....
Bid Code: 1318929
Bid Date: Aug, 18 2020
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