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Business Plan

Finance & Accounting > Chartered Accountant

Posted: 11th Jul 2019

Job Description

We are required to be presenting a business plan for a coal company.

Most of the work is already completed. We are required to be making ..a proper presentation ...

. Brief description of project.
2. Sponsorship, management & technical assistance: 
History and business of sponsors, including financial information.
Proposed management arrangements and names and curricula vitae of managers.
Description of technical arrangements and other external assistance (management, production, marketing, finance, etc.).
3. Market & sales:
Projected production volumes, unit prices, sales objectives, and market share of proposed venture.
Potential users of products and distribution channels to be used.
Present sources of supply for products.
Future competition and possibility that market may be satisfied by substitute products.
Tariff protection or import restrictions affecting products.
Critical factors that determine market potential.
4. Technical feasibility, manpower, raw material resources & environment:
Comments on special technical complexities and need for know-how and special skills.
Possible suppliers of equipment.
Availability of manpower and of infrastructure facilities (transport and communications, power, water, etc.).
Breakdown of projected operating costs by major categories of expenditures.
Source, cost, and quality of raw material supply and relations with support industries.
Import restrictions on required raw materials.
Proposed plant location in relation to suppliers, markets, infrastructure, and manpower.
Proposed plant size in comparison with other known plants.
Potential environmental issues and how these issues are addressed. 
5. Investment requirements, project financing, and returns:
Proposed financial structure of venture, indicating expected sources and terms of equity and debt financing.
Type of IFC financing (loan, equity, quasi-equity, a combination of financial products, etc.) and amount.
Projected financial statement, information on profitability, and return on investment.
Critical factors determining profitability.
6. Government support & regulations:
Specific government incentives and support available to project.
Expected contribution of project to economic development.
Outline of government regulations on exchange controls and conditions of capital entry and repatriation.
7. Timetable envisaged for project preparation and completion.
Project Code: IND115654
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My name is sunil suthar, Graphic designer by passion. Creating Banners ads, Logo's, Packaging and more. Let hire me and done your work with smile...
Bid Code: 1142549
Bid Date: Jul, 11 2019
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Hello, I am a practicing Chartered Accountant based in Mumbai. I offer various types of services to my clients in various fields whether be it audit, direct taxation o....
Bid Code: 1142586
Bid Date: Jul, 11 2019
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I prefer intellectuality, integrity, dedication and 100% satisfaction to client. My USP is earning faith and satisfaction of my clients. Please allow me to work for you. ....
Bid Code: 1144160
Bid Date: Jul, 13 2019
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Bid Code: 1148195
Bid Date: Jul, 18 2019
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i have over 15 yrs of exp. developing content, article writing, case study, proposal, website content, blog, wikipedia pages, presentation, proof read and much more
Bid Code: 1148326
Bid Date: Jul, 19 2019
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Being a Chartered Accountant and a mixer of Knowledge and Practical Exposure, I can be best fit for any CA related solutions. Also been into Writing Industry since las....
Bid Code: 1158721
Bid Date: Aug, 04 2019
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 1164559
Bid Date: Aug, 18 2019
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