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Complete, Improve plus Add Features to an existing CodeIgniter website

IT & Programming > Website Programming

Posted: 23rd Jun 2018
TIME FRAME:1 - 2 Week
START:27th Jun 2018

Job Description

A. Entry Page Just Design
1- distances around the logo above and under
2- industry / sector line, make it fit on 1 line (and background colour of band lighter, like in ‘Welcome To’ )
3-text of services is sometimes incomplete or not consequent (start with capital and ends with a point)#
4- ABOUT OUR COMPANY should have full text, and the 3 boxes should be equally long
5- SERVICES with should be same as other 2 in that row
6- ABOUT OUR COMPANY + SERVICES Read More links is not in
7- RECENT NEWS & EVENTS think make a bit longer and get the Read More box in (same as others)
8- OUR TEAM – picture are stretched make them also smaller and correct size
9- Green FOOTER PART – use normal Font, get free consultation in box
Serving Tech Industry in ASEAN with countries + services in a bigger area and lighter background like in ‘Welcome To’
10- Knowledge Base on 1 line

B. FEATURES on Entry Page
1-Services are already in Admin but not visible on front end (must also linked to correct page)
2 -Events – is in Admin but presentation front end is not nice
--- it needs metatags in for the detail page

C. Pages – Knowledge Base
--- make good/normal url knowledge-base – no capital
--- should not show site map – and header is not ok
--- metatags should be in
- this is also with the indivual knowledge-base detail pages
--- and those show also half/partly the texts (can now not contain all text)
--- url is not ok
--- metatags should be in

C. Metatags
- get those also in Knowledge Base Pages + News + Events

D. Listing In Footer
- put in footer a page for the pages News + Events (just like we have for Knowledge Base)
- make sure those are also listed in site map and site map xml
Footer will be: Sitemap - About Us - Terms Of Use - Privacy Policy - Apply for Associate - Knowledge Base -News - Events - Guest Blog

E. Correct / improve Map in Contact page
- contact map is half on contact form , and does not have to be that long in length
- visibility/design of main menu in Top ) maybe light green background, how can we improve)

F. Contacts Confirmation Email
- the code / sequence number for storage in ADMIN is not ok (it stucks with 000027 not going to 000028)
- we have an email confirm message in ADMIN but it is not taking over the full text in that find, Both screen message and email message should be correct working

G. Apply for Associate
- a form to apply for associate
- in the form is an option to post their profile on site
- publish on site is like a short listing and a detail page (with automatic settings of metatags)
- forms and data will be listed in ADMI, this is also for control and publish on site
- senders do get a confirmation email and screen message

H. Guest blog (new feature)
- copy the style of News and we make it a form for a Blog for guests / with a guest blogger login
- the form must also have an author box, pages automatic setting the metatags etc
- also a listing + sitemap recording (like Knowledge base)
- we should be able to monitor and publish from ADMIN

I. Search
- in top of menu, make the search option available on the site

J. H1 t/m H6
- I would like to get on pages an editor to set the H1 to H6 for each page
- those H1 to H6 will have visible difference in font size, font bold/italic/normal, color

K. Loading Speed
desktop 27 / 100
Mobile 72 / 100
MUST BE 90/100

New York 5.07 s
MUST BE less then 2,5 sec

L. SeoSiteCheckUp.com
MUST BE 95/100

M. Dareboost.com
Several things

- indication costs (no price we will delete your bid)
- payment on escrow, according progress
- you need to provide and have references/reviews
- max all done in 2 weeks
- all details will be provide before ordering

Additional Information Added on 24th Jun, 2018


- indication costs (no price we will delete your bid)
- payment on escrow, according progress
- you need to provide and have references/reviews (which i can contact)
- work needs to be finished/completely done within 2 weeks

INR 3.500 to INR 7.000
Project Code: IND97595
Not Rated Yet.
my self ketan barevadiya. i am developing project in core php,codeigniter,Laravel 4,Laravel 5 and 5+,wordpress,oops with php,javascript,jquery,ajax etc.
Bid Code: 954247
Bid Date: Jun, 23 2018
2.3 average rating
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Bid Code: 954241
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Greetings. I'm basically a programmer working with Web & Android application development over 8 years. I've strong knowledge on OOPHP/MySQL/AJAX/JavaScript ....
Skills:AJAX, PHP, Android
Bid Code: 954407
Bid Date: Jun, 23 2018
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I am experienced Software Engineer over 5+ year in PHP | MVC 4 | Android | iOS | HTML5 | Css3 |Wordpress | cakePHP | Magento | CodeIgniter | Responsive web design using B....
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Hi, Thanks for visiting my profile. I have more than 5+ years of experience in website development and designing. I have developed many small, medium websites,web-app....
Bid Code: 954597
Bid Date: Jun, 24 2018
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Bid Code: 954601
Bid Date: Jun, 24 2018
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I have 8 Years of experience in web development and have 3+ years in PHP Frameworks like CodeIgniter / Zend etc. I specialize in developing eCommerce platform using Co....
Bid Code: 954724
Bid Date: Jun, 24 2018
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Bid Code: 955185
Bid Date: Jun, 25 2018
Not Rated Yet.
I had completed my 4 year's Graduation with Computer science And from the last 3 years i am working in a company and as an Individual for the website and software de....
Skills:.NET, WordPress, SQL, HTML, CSS
Bid Code: 955813
Bid Date: Jun, 26 2018
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