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Create a list of hotels in Word

Data Entry & Admin > Data Processing

Posted: 05th Apr 2013
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week
START:15th Apr 2013

Job Description

Would you be interested in doing this work:


Create a list of hotels in Chandigarh, India using a Word document. See attachment. Complete this word document using Yatra.com. Yatra.com lists 78 hotels for Chandigarh. Some of them include the hotels in Panchkula and Zirakpur which are near Chandigarh which is fine. Please also mention the city name in the address column if it is other than Chandigarh.

There are 5 columns in the table. The first column has the hotel name which is hyperlinked to the official website of the hotel. Yatra.com does not mention the website of the hotel. You will need to find the website in Google and then hyperlink it to the hotel's website. Also below the hotel name, mention if the hotel is 2, 3, 4, 5 star etc. This information is available on Yatra.

List top 5 amenities. Starting with (if they have), internet (wifi or not), travel counter, currency exchange, night club, swimming pool etc. Some of the amenities may not be listed on Yatra. Check the list of amenities on the hotel's website also.
Please use Word 2007. If you have more recent version of Word, make sure the document is backward compatible.


Once all the 78 hotels are listed, you will need to search for more cheap hotels on the internet for chandigarh, like guest houses etc. Create a second table in Word similar for the first one. If you can't find the website for a hotel, leave it blank, but make sure that you find the phone number.

The total number should include about 125 hotels.

Accuracy is very important.

More work is available if this one is done satisfactory.

Try doing one sample hotel.
Thank you.

Additional Information Added on 6th Apr, 2013

Please note that you will need to bid an amount to do this job completely. This is not an hourly job.

Additional Information Added on 6th Apr, 2013

Please note that you'll need to provide 1 row entry as a sample.

Additional Information Added on 9th Apr, 2013

It looks like there is a lot of confusion about how much to bid for this job.
My budget is INR 200 only which would be quite low for some of you.
Project Code: IND1662
4.5 average rating
I have experience in writing articles,stories,essays,speeches etc.I have also successfully edited and proofread articles,books,business letters etc.
Bid Code: 15066
Bid Date: Apr, 13 2013
  • knt
  • Tamil Nadu, India
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I have been creating iOS apps since 2013. As a senior engineer, I believes in giving before getting. I’m a collaborator for ‘awesome-ios’, an open-sourc....
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Bid Code: 15069
Bid Date: Apr, 09 2013
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I am working as a project manager and i having six years of experience in software and website development.
Skills:Java, HTML, cPanel, Database, C#
Bid Code: 15070
Bid Date: Apr, 05 2013
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I have worked in conjunction with many other web and marketing firms, as well as independently with my own clients on a huge range of projects. I've been working in ....
Bid Code: 15087
Bid Date: Apr, 06 2013
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Bid Code: 15096
Bid Date: Apr, 06 2013
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Bid Code: 15128
Bid Date: Apr, 07 2013
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As a professional, I know the importance of deadlines and the quality of work that requires being submitted. Writing, which is a passion for me, is something I wish to e....
Bid Code: 15147
Bid Date: Apr, 07 2013
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By work experience I am a web designer mainly working on html/css/jquery converting psds into webpages. Yet I have lots of other skills in capacity as a freelancer, that ....
Bid Code: 15176
Bid Date: Apr, 08 2013
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I like to develop solutions for multiple domains and in multiple technologies.
Bid Code: 15217
Bid Date: Apr, 08 2013
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Bid Code: 15223
Bid Date: Apr, 08 2013
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Bid Code: 15330
Bid Date: Apr, 10 2013
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I am a fulltime freelance data entry specialist with over 3 years experience editing, proof reading,wiki editing and writing articles, web search, data processing, form p....
Bid Code: 15534
Bid Date: Apr, 13 2013
4.2 average rating
I am a freelancer having experience in Software development, Graphics Designing,Writing and data entry.
Bid Code: 15745
Bid Date: Apr, 15 2013
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