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Delhi NCR- Promotional/Marketing Activities

Sales & Marketing > Other - Sales & Marketing

Posted: 29th Apr 2019
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:3 - 4 Week

Job Description

My company has Herbal tea for fat loss and other general usage.
I'm looking for a company in doing the promotional activities.

* The company should have polite and courteous young boys and girls with them.
* We will do promotional activities in gyms, health clubs, parks etc.
* the staff would speak to the people around, tell them about our products, hand them our leaflets, and give them them samples to taste.
* the activities could vary or change a bit depending on place and time.
*so im looking for a company which helps me do it all.
*company (heads, owner,staff) should be creative, punctual, polite and self-driven. I dont want people who need to be taught and told every thing and need supervision.People who have done these activities or are just creative to comeup with suggestions and ideas on who to do things.

Please contact me, with some message, details of work the company has done and with the company website link.
Project Code: IND112356
Not Rated Yet.
Proficient in Unity 3D, AngularJS, ASP.Net, ReactJS, React Native, C#, C++, NodeJS, Objective-C, Python, Apache OfBiz, Machine Learning, PHP, HTML, CSS3, Ionic & CMS ....
Bid Code: 1112445
Bid Date: Apr, 29 2019
Not Rated Yet.
I am Web Analysist. Specialties:PPC Display Marketing/ Search Marketing/ PLA/ Re-marketing/ Dynamic Re-marketing/ Yahoo Ad Manager/ Bing Ad Center/ Facebook Ads/ ....
Bid Code: 1112765
Bid Date: Apr, 30 2019
Not Rated Yet.
Thorough Knowledge of Computers hardware ,Networking data management & software maintenance ,Auto cad
Bid Code: 1117316
Bid Date: May, 11 2019
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