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Graphic designer and illustrator

Graphic Design & Multimedia > Graphic Design

Posted: 01st Jun 2016
TIME LEFT:70d, 12h

Job Description

Need graphic designer and illustrator ASAP.

Additional Information Added on 2nd Jun, 2016

Please contact us immediately at Reach (AT THE RATE) Indrajit (DOT) in

Additional Information Added on 1st Dec, 2017

Please share your portfolio and phone number at Reach (AT THE RATE) Indrajit (DOT) in
Skills Required: Illustration, Graphic Design
Project Code: IND47721
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 456457
Bid Date: Jun, 01 2016
Not Rated Yet.
We creates whiteboard animation, infographics, typography, motion graphics, bithday video, wedding video, 2d character animation , 2d character design, editting , Logo an....
Bid Code: 456474
Bid Date: Jun, 01 2016
Not Rated Yet.
We at AnimCreator understand that every company is different. Each has its own requirements and their unique ideas that set them apart. This is where we come in. We help ....
Bid Code: 456475
Bid Date: Jun, 01 2016
3.8 average rating
I am a full time Freelance Graphic as well as Web Designer. I have an experience of 7 years in the Advertising industry. Designing is my hardcore passion. My creatives ar....
Bid Code: 456579
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
ENTICING GRAPHICS Works With In A Broad Network Of Professional Designers, Illustrators, Photographers And Web Designers, All Of Whom Have Collaborated Together On Many P....
Bid Code: 456602
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
4.2 average rating
Quality speaks for itself. I believe in providing quality design solutioons through works.Having experience in designing firms,creative agencies and freelancing I am well....
Bid Code: 456606
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
Hi, My name is Bhavin & I am web & Graphic Designer With number of years of experience, gradually I have gained the ability to see the big picture as well as o....
Bid Code: 456632
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
0.5 average rating
Talented team of web developers with a portfolio of completed projects, highly skilled, adaptable, used to working to deadlines and an effective communicator. We hav....
Bid Code: 456656
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
I know the designing works.I have knowledge of adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop.
Bid Code: 456728
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
A software development company that provides products and services ranging from web development, software development tools, mobile development solutions. Mainly focuses ....
Bid Code: 456746
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
Hello , This is Snehal Shinde, Business Analyst at Techcruz ,Pune I came across your post on Worknhire and I would be more than happy to help you to this venture. I....
Bid Code: 456748
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
Tortuga is offerin our skills to turn yerrr vision for yerrr next media project (design, printing, merchandising, photography, and promotional/short films) into a mindblo....
Bid Code: 456754
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
5.0 average rating
Hello, hiring manager, I agree to work with you for this project. I am expert of SEO and I have worked with various small and medium business websites. I will prov....
Bid Code: 457186
Bid Date: Jun, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
I am a professional Graphic/Web designer (Layout, Mobile APP and UI Design, Newsletter Design, Logo, Brand Design, Social media Cover Graphics, Advertisement, Promotional....
Bid Code: 457960
Bid Date: Jul, 01 2016
Not Rated Yet.
2 Year of work experience through the diversified fields of 2D Animation & Graphic Design Specialized in Designing : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, 3....
Bid Code: 476662
Bid Date: Jul, 02 2016
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 481975
Bid Date: Jul, 10 2016
Not Rated Yet.
Hi post your project or job on www.Hifreelancer.com totally free no fee and no commission why post your project or job on www.hifreelancer.com 1. its free 2. 1....
Bid Code: 813575
Bid Date: Dec, 04 2017
Not Rated Yet.
Highly creative, remarkably astute, and talented professional, having extensive experience in graphic and industrial design, marketing materials development, brand creati....
Bid Code: 817029
Bid Date: Dec, 06 2017
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 858967
Bid Date: Jan, 28 2018
Not Rated Yet.
Hi I am Don Chungath, i specialize in the creation of 2D and 3D content, specifically to the need of Clients , that meets all the Quality requirement and is time Bound....
Bid Code: 875325
Bid Date: Feb, 16 2018
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