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Writing, Content & Translation > Creative Writing

Posted: 27th Apr 2013
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:3 - 6 Months
START:01st May 2013

Job Description


A Demi-God wants to become a fullsize God. Only his ego bothers.

As a demigod, he has created an entire city. Hot guy. 50 million inhabitants. A huge thing.

Within short time he could be included into the ranks of the fullsize gods, the real guys. What a career move. If not for his stupid ego. How can he now get rid of its residual ego elegant?

He asks ADI his beloved son to look after his ego in his city. And to neutralize it, to nail it to the wall ..... anyway, "Find it. Kill it,“ is the short briefing of his father.

On a mission in the city of his father ADI finally finds out that his father plans to sacrifice him. Because ADI is the last ego-binding, his father must overcome it.

ADI must leave the sacred grove. And go downtown. He hates it.

PROLOG: (The Demi-God speaks in a Story-Prolog)

49,000,213,551 people live in my city. Officials, bankers, craftsmen, advertisers, psychologists, fanatics, whores, athletes, disappointed,
prokrastinators, hyperactives, sellers, pneumatics, desperates, street sweepers, taxi drivers, women, men, children, religious, agnostic ..... I am dizzy from the variety that I have created.

It gives me more pleasure every day to direct their destinies. To plunge them into conflicts, to surprise them with miracles or to push them into endless abyss. To entangle them in destinies, which they will never master. To bind them in useless activities from which they expect great wellbeing and nothing much but a heap of trouble results. To save them last minute and amaze them with solutions which they thank me. Incredible feeling.

Everyone gets in my city, what he wants according to his deeds and AMEX-card. I am big daddy. The all-creator. The All-Seer. The unseen wish-fulfiller. Since my creatures never overlook their desires, they are disappointed as soon they are confronted with the consequences. Then they resist the consequences of their own desires. Difficult to understand. I need to be stricter.

Stricter, especially with myself. Because my brain considers itself as a continuation of my creation. And wants to celebrate itself: "Look how great. I am. Much better than other Demi-Gods. "My brain can not let go. I can not cut the cord to my creatures. I'm in love with my creation. In all its details that I have created and now can watch with my surveillance cameras. Day and night. 24/7/365

I can see everything. Except for this small, blind spot, I can not see. A dead angle I can not see. This needs to be clarified before I can complete my city as a creation unit and hand it over to the next higher rank God. Then I can finally ascend to the ranks of the full gods. And finally leave everything behind me. And play another game.

But first: the patch has to go. I ask my son, to resolve my residual binding to my creation. Then he would be at least to what profitable. And I will be free for new adventures even more enjoyable game levels.

Skills Required: Fiction Writing, Creative Writing
Project Code: IND1902
Not Rated Yet.
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