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Insert One Or More Names, E-Mails or Txt Msgs Checkbox Values into a MySql Dbase

IT & Programming > Other - Web Development

Posted: 28th Jun 2017
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week
START:28th Jun 2017

Job Description

I have a form that list one or multiple users that have registered for a class or session. There are two groups for the sessioner's class. They are student attendees and sessioner attendees.

In this form, the sessioner can send an email or text message to one registrant, some registrants or to all of the registrants from either group using the myCheckboxes[ ]. I have no problem emailing the email(s) or texting the text message(s) and inserting the online form's values into the database and thus, creating a row (id) for each myCheckboxes[ ].

The problem I have is not being able to insert the student attendee's $studFullNm (name), $studEmailInfo (email) or $studContactInfo (text-number) or the sessioner attendee's $tutFullNm (name), $tutEmailInfo (email) or $tutContactInfo (text-number) into the database fields toname, toemail or totext for each myCheckboxes[ ] that is checked for that registrant.

So, I need someone to add the code to the online form that will capture these checked field names and insert them into the dbase's toname and the toemail or the totext for each corresponding email(s) or text(s) that is sent out.

See the attached online form and the image of the dbase table for the online form.
Skills Required: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Project Code: IND73249
  • bauer
  • Chandigarh, India
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