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Raspberry Pi with Sensor and Web

IT & Programming > Other - Web Development

Posted: 21st Apr 2019
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:1 - 2 Week

Job Description


The Hardwares Will be:
1. Raspberry Pi
2. 5" Touch Screen LCD
3. DHT22 Sensor for Temperature & Humidity
4. Omron D6F-PH Series Differential Pressure Sensor
5. A Windows PC with MSSQL server

The Raspberry Pi, LCD and sensors will be mounted in a single unit. There will be many such units, All units will be interconnected through Ethernet (Using Switch).

The Windows PC will also be connected to the Pi's Network (we will call it as server).

> The LCD on Pi should show the real time Data of these sensors
> There should be a configuration screen with password protection on Pi for selecting Unit of measurement, Loging Interval, Sensor Activation/Deactivation, Calibration, Alarm Limit.
> If any sensor value is beyond the alarm limit, the LCD should Blink that data with color highlight and Switch On DO to activate Buzzer. Once the value reach limit, the alarm should Go off.
> The Password of Pi should be controlled from Server PC and will be applicable for all Pi's on network.
> The RTC of Pi should be Sync with server RTC
> All the configurations of Pi should also be possible from server
> The server should show the sensor values of all Pi's on a web interface
> The server should give Alarm on screen if any Pi's data is out of Limit and its should also be Logged into SQL, Alarm should only be gone from screen if user acknowledge it.
> There will be user Login for accessing server and all user activity to be captured as Audit Trail.
> The server should log all data to SQL DB as per the Loging Interval selected.

# At any moment if the communication between any Pi and server is lost, the Pi should log all sensor data in its internal memory and upload those data to server once connection is re-established.
# The server UI will be a reporting system as well as control/ monitor system for Real Time data, Alarm and Trend/ Hystory analysis.
# There should be option for selecting individual Pi's, a group/collection of Pi's in the server view.
# There should be option for PDF report generation with multiple Filter conditions like report from this date to that date or report of This pi to that Pi etc...
# There should option for Viewing & Printing Audit Trail
Skills Required: C, Python
Project Code: IND112010
Not Rated Yet.
We work on Android app, Desktop application, And Web application(With Advance java, MVC architecture). We also do Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions to impro....
Skills:Python, J2EE, Android, C++, C#
Bid Code: 1109319
Bid Date: Apr, 22 2019
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 1109662
Bid Date: Apr, 23 2019
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