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Require Rates and Charges of Services for Banks in Canada

Finance & Accounting > Chartered Accountant

Posted: 12th Feb 2019
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:1 - 2 Week

Job Description


I am Govind, a principal analyst working at Beroe Inc., the leading company for procurement services and engaging with Fortune 500 companies for the same.

I am reaching out on behalf of our company, who would like some information on the rates and charges issued by Canadian banks for 2019 (Canadian branches). Specifically, the items for which our client requires the rates (unit pricing in CAD) are as follows:

1) Transaction Fee Deposit
2) Transaction Fee Night Deposit
3) Cheques Deposited (per Thousand)
4) Currency Deposited (per Thousand)
5) Currency Supplied (per Thousand)
6) Coin Deposited (per Hundred)
7) Coin Supplied (per roll)
8) Sundry Debits (Deposits from Debit)
9) Sundry Credits (Deposits from VISA/MC/Amex/Interact)
10) Preauthorized Payments
11) Cheques (Exp and Merch Cheques; ep ap vendor clearance)
12) Chargeback (Paper Chargeback)
13) Bank Platform Flat Fee
14) Bank Platform Wire Payments
15) Electronic Daily Statements (per account reported)
16) Electronic Daily Statements (per transaction)
17) Positive Pay (PP Issued Items Activity – 250, 500, 1000, 2000+)
18) Voided Items submitted to the bank
19) Positive Pay per cheque
20) Positive Pay Minimum Fee per account
21) Paid File Transmissions
22) Exceptions Item Referrels
23) Exceptions Returned by Default
24) eCheque Services - On-Line Reports
25) eCheque Services - Searched Items
26) Deposit Adjustments
27) Incoming Tel. Transfers

In addition, the following are some of the items for USD services that our client requires the rates for (in USD):

1) Deposits
2) Cheques Deposited
3) Sundry Credits
4) Sundry Debits
5) Cheques (Exp and Merch Cheques)
6) Coin Deposited
7) Deposits
8) Stop Payments
9) Float Requirement
10) Sundry services

The relevant banks are Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion, Bank of Nova-Scotia, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Please contact me at (removed) if you can offer this service.



Skills Required: Financial Reporting
Project Code: IND108944
Not Rated Yet.
Experience in accounts job
Bid Code: 1078418
Bid Date: Feb, 12 2019
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I am pursuing ca so i have lot of experience of accounting, ms words, excel, tally.
Bid Code: 1079032
Bid Date: Feb, 13 2019
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I am a Chartered accountant with 12 years experience. Worked as Financial Analyst in a Virtusa India (Pvt) Limited, a Software company and worked in various roles in ICIC....
Bid Code: 1080008
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We are an award winning business consultancy firm, helping our clients in all Company Secretarial, Financial, Corporate Legal and Administrative activities.
Bid Code: 1081434
Bid Date: Feb, 18 2019
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I am a Accountant and VKS MINING SERVICES in English with 8 years of experience. I have extensive experience in 1) Taxation, a)Direct Taxes b)Custom c)GST d)Assessment o....
Bid Code: 1086203
Bid Date: Feb, 27 2019
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Bid Code: 1094688
Bid Date: Mar, 18 2019
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