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Sale of Study Materials

Writing, Content & Translation > Creative Writing

Posted: 21st May 2019
BUDGET: 20,000 - 50,000 Rs.
TIME LEFT:74d, 11h
TIME FRAME:Over 6 Months

Job Description

I wish to sale study materials - both prepared by myself and few collected from various sources on various subjects -

Various exams has various combinations of subjects.

# 50% payment will be have to be made in advance. Rest payment,once I sent you the docs via email.

The payment for he subjects are given below;

English - Rs. 5000
Pol. Sc. - Rs. 3500
History - Rs. 3500
Geography - Rs. 3500
Physics - Rs. 3500
Chemistry - Rs. 3500
Biology - Rs. 3500
Economics - Rs. 2500
Computer - Rs. 1000
General Studies (Mixed) - Rs. 3000
Maths (Solved) - Rs. 2500

Most of the materials are in English, though I also have some in Bengali as well.

Also have some Audio Study Materials...

With all these, you can even make your own customized library and collection.

If you or any of your friends are interested, contact me on 9874983059
Project Code: IND113250
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 1188418
Bid Date: Oct, 12 2019
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