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Sales & Operations Process (S&OP) for an international project based business

Writing, Content & Translation > Technical Writing

Posted: 19th Mar 2016
BUDGET: 50,000 - 100,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:3 - 4 Week
START:29th Mar 2016

Job Description

Sales & Operations Process (S&OP) for an international project based business in the chemical industry

Theoretical part should include the following topics:
- Demand Planning
- Supply Planning
- Inventory Management
- Production Strategy (MtS vs MtO)
- KPIs
- S&OP
- Implementation
- Change Management

- Abstract (the aim / purpose of this paper)
- Table of contents
- List of figures
- List of tables
- List of abbreviations
- 1. Introduction:
1a. Research scope and limitation
--> RQ1: What are the gaps between the company’s current S&OP process to the standards according to literature? (--> Find the standards out and put them in the case study into negative; means: ‘According to the standards it should be like this…..but in the company it is currently like this….)
--> RQ2: Which effect on the relevant KPIs do these gaps have?
--> RQ3: Which of these gaps should be closed immediately to achieve a measurable improvement in KPIs?
--> RQ4: What are the key success factors in the implementation of these identified gaps taking the company’s context into account?
1b. Research method
--> Case study with scientific research. For the theoretical part material has been already collected and will be provided. Suitable methods should be taken out of the material to answer the research questions. The academic paper should be around 40 pages.
Project Code: IND42936
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