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Sci fi manuscript editing

Writing, Content & Translation > Editing & Proofreading

Posted: 07th Oct 2016
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:3 - 6 Months
START:08th Oct 2016

Job Description

a sci fi fantasy novel completed last month, its a novel with 76000 words needs proper punctuation and grammatical rectifications. i dont need to change the soul of my book so its better to keep the flow of the book as it is there but yes, to make the book more presentable and interesting the creative changes are always welcome.
Project Code: IND55813
Not Rated Yet.
Bid Code: 540574
Bid Date: Oct, 07 2016
Not Rated Yet.
I am trying to get into photography. I am looking for small photography projects - new born baby photoshoot, maternity photoshoot, couple photoshoot, small wedding photog....
Bid Code: 540581
Bid Date: Oct, 07 2016
5.0 average rating
I am Harshmeet Singh. I am a mentor to Civil Services aspirants, those preparing for the UPSC examination. However, all through these years of teaching, I have continued ....
Bid Code: 540639
Bid Date: Oct, 08 2016
4.8 average rating
Following my passion for online entrepreneurship since 5+ years. Doing Freelancing for Content writing,website development, video making and graphic designing. Living t....
Bid Code: 540703
Bid Date: Oct, 08 2016
4.7 average rating
Academic/ Creative and Travel Writer/ Editor.
Bid Code: 540710
Bid Date: Oct, 08 2016
Not Rated Yet.
An Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker and a writer by choice. [email protected] TwinkleIdea
Bid Code: 540786
Bid Date: Oct, 08 2016
5.0 average rating
A student of literature in English, I am often told I have a magical way with words. Among the things I claim expertise in are academic writing, article writing, creati....
Bid Code: 540822
Bid Date: Oct, 08 2016
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