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IT & Programming > Other - Web Development

Posted: 16th May 2019
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:1 - 2 Week

Job Description

I am looking for a developer who can replicate an existing websites API calls to test promo codes (coupons) against a valid shopping cart. I previously had my own scripts which submitted several GET/PUSH/DELETE requests but recent changes to the website is resulting in 403 errors after a few attempts. It seems Browser Fingerprinting was implemented

I need someone to write a script to circumvent the browser fingerprining which is resulting in 403 errors after a few attempts on their site. I prefer this project to be written in Python which allows me to maintain it and to keep it simple but I am open to solutions in other languages which I can maintain. I will need to update the code 2-4 times a year and will work with the winning contractor for continued work.

Tools I am currently working with:
- Python 2.7
- Selenium/Splinter
- Fiddler

Key things my current script does:
- Generate a valid cookie and security tokens
- Manage shopping cart items
- Submit GET/PUSH/DELETE requests (200 requests a minute)
- Validate Status Code responses

- Additional code to prevent 403 errors due to additional security

Please submit your proposed time and Budget/cost. After submitting your request I will provide the website and a simplified script to show you the process previously used. Please have prior work experience and feedback before submitting your request

Budget for the first phase of this project will be 7500-12500 with ~1-2 weeks expected turnaround.
Skills Required: API, Python, Scripts & Utilities
Project Code: IND113033
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