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Social Media Marketing

Sales & Marketing > SMM - Social Media Marketing

Posted: 23rd Apr 2019
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.

Job Description

Looking for expert in the Linked IN marketing, Google adwords, Email marketing
Project Code: IND112111
  • janny
  • Uttar Pradesh, India
5.0 average rating
I have experience in frontend design and web development and I have a lot of great knowledge in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, etc. I am self-confidence and ability to....
Skills:.NET, C#, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server
Bid Code: 1109995
Bid Date: Apr, 23 2019
Not Rated Yet.
We are one of the leading Software Development Organization based in Delhi India.company was founded in 2009 by a team of seasoned people. The collective attitudes, skill....
Bid Code: 1110017
Bid Date: Apr, 23 2019
5.0 average rating
Current Offerings: I provide all types of services that are possible in the Internet Technologies field like Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Website Designing and....
Bid Code: 1110068
Bid Date: Apr, 24 2019
4.5 average rating
Techs2Serve is a complete solution provider for all IT problems. We specialize in offering top-of-the-line website and web application development, e-commerce portal deve....
Bid Code: 1110117
Bid Date: Apr, 24 2019
Not Rated Yet.
We are a Google Certified Digital Marketer team having experience of more than 4 years. I want to help startups and businesses to boost their sales by modifying their ....
Bid Code: 1110150
Bid Date: Apr, 24 2019
4.7 average rating
I have extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing. I have helped startups become established and optimized strategy for larger businesses. I achi....
Bid Code: 1110300
Bid Date: Apr, 24 2019
Not Rated Yet.
All – in - One Web solution incorporating diverse approaches to create a unique Digital platform. Creativity is the key approach to our projects which results in di....
Bid Code: 1110420
Bid Date: Apr, 24 2019
Not Rated Yet.
I am a Google Certified Digital Marketer with 3 years experience. I am a Computer Science Engineer and have an experience as in Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, ....
Bid Code: 1110701
Bid Date: Apr, 25 2019
Not Rated Yet.
I am a specialist in Search Engine Optimization & Marketing indivisual based in India having a workforce of more than 5 years being a SEO professionals. I am speci....
Bid Code: 1110792
Bid Date: Apr, 25 2019
Not Rated Yet.
SEO Discovery is a digital marketing company and everything about it. Founded in 2007 and carrying a considerable experience of 10 years in the Internet and Search Engine....
Bid Code: 1112576
Bid Date: Apr, 30 2019
Not Rated Yet.
Hello, I have been working as a Digital Marketing Expert in a startup company for a year now and have successfully completed a few projects with them. I enjoy my work....
Bid Code: 1113836
Bid Date: May, 03 2019
Not Rated Yet.
With so many digital marketing companies mushrooming today why consider starting another one? Because team Brand Mender believes in guiding the businesses from a digital ....
Bid Code: 1118683
Bid Date: May, 15 2019
Not Rated Yet.
NextGen Global Services Pvt Ltd is the most well-known digital marketing and SEO service provider company based out in Delhi, India. We render full-fledged internet marke....
Bid Code: 1119361
Bid Date: May, 17 2019
4.9 average rating
Moment Web Solution is a search engine marketing innovator striving to improve our clients’ website value and to achieve their business goals. We provide an array o....
Bid Code: 1120555
Bid Date: May, 20 2019
Not Rated Yet.
Hi I am a Digital Marketing Expert specialized In: ★ Account Setup, Tracking & Management ★ Account Setup & Conversion Tracking ★ Campaign Launch ....
Bid Code: 1124451
Bid Date: May, 30 2019
Not Rated Yet.
I have over 4yrs of experience into online marketing industry. I have successfully completed various freelance projects in the past. I have excellent working knowledge o....
Bid Code: 1125255
Bid Date: Jun, 01 2019
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