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Taxation and business with and thru themeforest.net and Envato.com

Finance & Accounting > Chartered Accountant

Posted: 26th Mar 2015
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:1 - 2 Week
START:03rd Apr 2015

Job Description

I am a individual freelancer from Gujarat, India.

I want to sell WordPress theme and templates (digital product) online ONLY thru themeforest.net (Envato.com - an Australian company - work as marketplace platform). Buyer are from around the world including India.

I am looking for proven experienced CA who ADVISE/HELP me with taxation, business law and how to digital product selling business with and thru Envato.com.

I have no business knowledge.
Please read some documents (Ref. Links) and tell how much you will charge?

Envato Market Terms

Author Terms / Seller Terms

Become an author

Attachement Image.

1. Do I need to pay VAT or other taxes to EU countries, if I have EU buyers thru Envato?

2. Are any buyers (outside India and EU countries) liable for VAT or other taxes in the customer’s member state/country (yet) and do I need to pay VAT or other taxes to their authority customer’s member state/country?

3. Do I need to pay VAT or other taxes to my country India for the sales outside India thru Envato?

4. Do I need to pay VAT or other taxes to my country India, if I have buyers from India thru Envato?

5. As with question 4, do I need to pay VAT or other taxes to state by state in India?

6. Do I need to register a company in India?

7. What the exemption for VAT or other taxes in India?

Project Code: IND22624
4.9 average rating
A Young and Dynamic Chartered Accountant.
Bid Code: 229308
Bid Date: Mar, 26 2015
5.0 average rating
I am a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, USA) & Chartered Accountant (CA) and currently being groomed for practical expertise i.e intern in the world'....
Bid Code: 229358
Bid Date: Mar, 27 2015
Not Rated Yet.
Enthusiastic professional with over 7 years of experience with an ability to get a core understanding of the client’s needs and providing the best solutions for it.....
Bid Code: 230750
Bid Date: Mar, 30 2015
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