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Update or Insert Data to Mysqli dbase in a for each loop

IT & Programming > Other - Web Development

Posted: 12th Apr 2021
BUDGET:Less than 5000 Rs.
TIME FRAME:Less than 1 Week
START:15th Apr 2021

Job Description

I have a php script that needs to have a small part of the code changed so it can loop through the submitted selection(s) in a for each()... and either insert a new record(s) or update an existing record(s), while at the same time sum the c... field, add plus one to the ct... field and average the cta... field. The c... field is a select option number from 1-10

The script is setup to submit the data for one user or multi-users at the same time. There are four different kinds of users identified by s, 0, 1 or 2. So, when the submit button is clicked the script needs to loop through the named database table and either do an insert for records that do not match the submitted data and to update the records that do match the submitted data. Basically, a moving average for each user or users will be done anytime a teacher submits the form for their class for that particular user or users. The insert and the update happen concurrently or at the same time since the teacher would not know if there is already a record having been made or not made.

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Skills Required: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript
Project Code: IND135882
Not Rated Yet.
I am working as Website Developer in language of PHP, Asp.net, CSS, Html, Jquery,Javacript. And also work on wordpress, wix, bubble.io etc.
Skills:.NET, Android, API, ASP.NET, C#
Bid Code: 1393960
Bid Date: Apr, 12 2021
Not Rated Yet.
I am having experience of around 9+yrs will provide quality service and that to at reasonable prices.
Bid Code: 1393967
Bid Date: Apr, 12 2021
Not Rated Yet.
I have 9+ years of working experience with Html5,Css3,Bootstrap,JavaScript,Jquery,AngularJs,Php,Mysqli,Wordpress in IT Companies with many types of live IT Projects as We....
Bid Code: 1393974
Bid Date: Apr, 12 2021
5.0 average rating
Hi I am an full stack freelancer with 8 years of experience. Have worked with multinational companies. Consider me for the best output with the best minimum budget. ....
Bid Code: 1394166
Bid Date: Apr, 13 2021
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