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iOS Mobile/iPad application development

IT & Programming > Application Interface Design

Posted: 24th Nov 2018
START:12th Dec 2018

Job Description

This requires expertise in

1. Camera Integration
2. Browsing and opening the pdf/image
3. iCloud/Google Drive APIs
4. Backup and restore

Basic process I will follow is,

1. Use GitHub to push source code and document in wiki page all the dependencies, screenshots, references, etc. Keep the practice of pushing code even for small changes, daily once or more. Wiki page is consider as scratch note book, please write whatever come to mind.
2. The source code should compile on my desktop and should run on simulator / Hardware. If any problem is there you should be able to help.
3. For the payment I use worknhire.com and I escrow the total amount. Once we finish I will release fund.
4. I will upload build from my desktop and if any issues comes you should help. Once upload the final release build to the app store will say finish. You know app store have different test cycle like alpha, beta, release.
5. You should have apple developer license for the development and testing. If required, in the weekend should be available.

Please let me know your previous apps in the App store
Skills Required: iPhone, iOS
Project Code: IND105330
  • knt
  • Tamil Nadu, India
2.7 average rating
I have been creating iOS apps since 2013. As a senior engineer, I believes in giving before getting. I’m a collaborator for ‘awesome-ios’, an open-sourc....
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Hi..i am an ios developer having done all kinds of apps
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Bid Date: Nov, 27 2018
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Data analysis experience/Image Processing Experience/Web and Android Development/;
Bid Code: 1042872
Bid Date: Dec, 04 2018
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