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samples SEC+ test questions

Writing, Content & Translation > Technical Writing

Posted: 19th Feb 2015
BUDGET: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.
START:20th Feb 2015

Job Description

I am looking for a writer for original sample test questions for SEC+ certification. We have no minimum requirement for the number of questions, but we would like batches of at least 50.

To start, please submit five sample questions. Please note that we would like to have a question, answer and an explanation of the correct answer; all work must be original and unpublished elsewhere. Two samples are listed below.

If your sample questions are accepted, I can award you a contract and I will include the five sample questions as part of the final deliverables. We also have a template for the submissions, a general style guide and a style guide for the questions; I will pass these materials along to you once your work has been approved and accepted.

Question: True or false? A cipher is called symmetric if it takes just as much computing time.

Answer: False

Explanation: Although many symmetric ciphers might take the same amount of time for encryption and decryption, the symmetry refers to the algorithms used for these two tasks. In a symmetric cipher, the two algorithms use the same key and follow the same general calculations (often in reverse).

Question: What process traditionally follows quantitative risk analysis?
Possible answers:
plan risk response
plan risk management
identify risks
perform qualitative analysis
monitor and control risks

Explanation: Project Risk Management goes in chronological order. Traditionally, the order is as follows: plan risk management, identify risks, perform quantitative risk analysis, plan risk response, and monitor and control risks.
Project Code: IND20835
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