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Accounting Freelancers


Virtual Assistant, Web Researcher, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify

  • Earnings: Rs.111,445
  • Jobs: 15

Location:  Maharashtra, India

Abhishek Sharma


  • Earnings: Rs.108,227
  • Rate: Rs. 800/hr
  • Jobs: 15

Location:  Punjab, India


  • Earnings: Rs.104,666
  • Jobs: 0

Location:  Tamil Nadu, India


9+ Years, Certified Financial Planner, Master Financial Professional, FIII, Chartered Asset Manager: A Passionate Six-Sigma Certified freelance trainer and content developer. Automation Expert, MS Excel, VBA, Finance, Insurance, Content Development, Training & Digital Editing & Roadies

  • Earnings: Rs.87,686
  • Rate: Rs. 1,500/hr
  • Jobs: 46

Location:  Delhi, India

Accounting Freelance Jobs

Akshaya Narayanan

Indirect taxation filling and Audit , income tax filling ,tds filing , form 15 CB filing

Fixed Price: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.

Client: akshaya12, India

Help in closing private Limited and showing LLP Annual return

I am aware of closing a private limited company. Need your help in signing and guiding me to complete it. Also another project is to guidance in...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: nijandhan,

Akshaya Narayanan

Tds return filing , income tax filing gst filling ,form 15 CB foreign inward remittance filing, internal audit , bank audit , gst audit

Fixed Price: 5,000 - 20,000 Rs.

Client: akshaya12, India

Need Business Plan for my Software

I have Appointment scheduling software, I want a business plan with marketing research, marketing strategy, target audience, market value, etc.

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: maddy1991m, India

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