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Data Entry Freelancers


customer service, data entry

  • Earnings: Rs.1,529,000
  • Rate: Rs. 500/hr
  • Jobs: 2

Location:  Maharashtra, India

Amogh T

Data Scientist with 3 years of relevant experience

  • Earnings: Rs.1,252,955
  • Jobs: 0

Location:  Maharashtra, India


Data entry

  • Earnings: Rs.665,037
  • Jobs: 1

Location:  Telangana, India


Data Engineer

  • Earnings: Rs.605,420
  • Rate: Rs. 7,000/hr
  • Jobs: 0

Location:  Maharashtra, India

Data Entry Freelance Jobs

Land Search (Punjabi and English)

Hi All, I am seeking a freelancer based in Jalandhar city Punjab. I would like the freelancer to do an indepth search of title deeds (fard) on...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: manojshinh, United Kingdom

project manager needed

Hi everyone, I'm looking for project manager to handle loft transcription project. These qualities are required in a manager - Assigning...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: shanaya21,

project manager needed

Hi everyone I'm looking for a project manager to handle loft project, The client details , team leader details of that language will e...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: shanaya21,

Project Manager for loft

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a Project manager to handle a loft project in YORUBA language. the client and the team details will be given...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: shanaya21,

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