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Training Freelancers

Rajni Koshal

Wordpress Assistance/Data Entry/VA/PA

  • Earnings: Rs.117,087
  • Rate: Rs. 100/hr
  • Jobs: 4

Location:  Punjab, India

Ajay Chavhan

3D Design / 3D Rendering / 3d Walkthrough Animation / 360 VR

  • Earnings: Rs.101,500
  • Rate: Rs. 600/hr
  • Jobs: 9

Location:  Gujarat, India

Abhishek Ks

VFX artist Graphic Designer

  • Earnings: Rs.98,092
  • Jobs: 18

Location:  Kerala, India

Ranju Gopal Bhattacharya

  • Earnings: Rs.91,809
  • Rate: Rs. 2,000/hr
  • Jobs: 2

Location:  West Bengal, India

Training Freelance Jobs

the risk of payment default for its various credit card holders by identifying

1. What would be your dependent and independent variables? 2. How would you check for any outlier? 3. How would you check for multicollinearity...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: abhayjha009,

Rodent Control Perth

Rodent Control Perth can assist you with keeping away from the well being dangers to your family and expensive harm to your home by giving...

Fixed Price: Not Sure

Client: rodentcontrolperth, Australia

1 day Saree Wearing + Hari styling Lady in Goa

Hello, My sister is coming to Goa for a pre-wedding photoshoot. We are looking for a lady who can help her wear saree and do hairstyles for 1...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: manojvj, India

Bed Bugs Control Melbourne

Most of the time individuals will acknowledge they have a kissing bug invasion on their hands after somebody has just encountered the issue and...

Fixed Price: Less than 5000 Rs.

Client: bedbugscontrolmelbourne, Australia

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