6 benefits of Hiring Freelancers at Work N Hire

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If you are new to Work N Hire and the freelance marketplace concept, you must be wondering at the moment what’s this all about? Well let me lay it down in brief for you. Work N Hire is a freelance marketplace where you can hire an expert/professional for your work online. So does that mean its yet another job portal? No its not another job portal (well every job portal says that :D) . Job Portals only assist in finding you a right match and after that its your duty to manage the project, make payments etc. For a full time work this system works, because both the parties are physically present, but in an online hiring model since you are not aware of the other person you need help starting from finding the right candidate to managing the work with a contract and finally making payments safely and you find all of this on Work N Hire and hence I say its not another Job Portal. Here is a list of 6 benefits of why we think you should start considering hiring freelancers at Work N Hire.

  1. Hiring is absolutely Free
    So you decided to hire a freelancer for your Project, next question that pops up is where do I find one (and the most difficult question)? Friends? Facebook? Linked In? While all of these medium of hiring a freelancer are free, but in 90% of the cases you wont be able to find more than a couple of people who could help you out. Leaving you thinking, should I just drop the idea of hiring one? No, next time this questions pops out, make sure you post a project on Work N Hire , its absolutely free. It wont cost a penny to hire a freelancer.
  2. Numerous Freelancer for your required Skill
    So lets say I have an on-line business (which I do) and I need someone to write an article for my website, I also need someone to maybe design a logo for me or even design an entire website for me. Hmmm, what do I do, I cannot possibly have all skills required to run an on-line business (but I can manage them). So I should probably hire freelancers who are expert at these and maybe focus on my own strength. So I need a content writer, a graphic designer and a web designer. Posting a job on Work N Hire allows me to get proposals for freelancers having each of these skill set. I can even invite a specific freelancer that I think is a match for my project. Each skill set has numerous freelancers and therefore more number of people to choose from.
  3. Freelancer Profiles to help you find right candidate
    Work N Hire Profiles are an excellent way to judge the freelancers. Each persons profile reflects their strengths. You can view the persons portfolio, projects they have completed so far, payments they have received. Reviews from other employers and many more such insight into a freelancers working. This ensures that you are hiring the right candidate and not just going by what someone just said to you about themselves.
  4. Project Management Tools
    Once you have posted a project on Work N Hire, and have received numerous proposal for your project from the freelancers, you can communicate with them using our messaging system. Once you have awarded a project, you can then access a specific section on the site called Project Workroom, it contains interfaces to help you manage the project. Invoices and Billing, Files, Messages, Terms and Milestones and Feedback.
  5. Hassle Free Safe Payments
    This is probably the most important aspect and the main reason why we think you should use Work N Hire. Work N Hire has an escrow system in place which makes sure that the payments you make to the freelancers are safe. Many of you must have used Ebay’s Paisa Pay the feature is exactly similar to that, but implemented for a freelance work.  The concept is simple you deposit the funds that needs to be paid to the freelancer upfront (milestone payment or advance payment) to Work N Hire which is then held with us till the time you release the funds to the freelancer after the work has successfully completed.
  6. Dispute Resolution
    What happens in case the freelancer doesn’t deliver? In other modes of hiring, you would either loose your money or the work done by freelancer. That is not the case with Work N Hire, we make sure that in case a project goes for a dispute, a final resolution is reached after hearing both the parties by Work N Hire. It’s similar to a 3rd party arbitration service.

Still thinking if you should hire a freelancer at Work N Hire? Let us know what we can do more through comments below.

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