How do I award my project?

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To award your project

  1. Login with an existing Work-n-Hire client account
  2. Under the Hire menu click on “My Projects”.
  3. Select the project in the list of open projects to award.
  4. Choose the contractor to award the project.
  5. You can award or reject the project proposal you want by click Award or Reject button of respective contractor.
  6. You then need to confirm award by clicking the “Confirm Award” button or you can choose different contractor by clickin on “Choose Different Contractor” button.
  7. Now you have successfully awarded the project. You should wait for the contractor to accept project award.

8 Responses to How do I award my project?

  1. westzonesolution says:

    My client is not able to award me the project…He cant see the award button for me, Only reject and Hide.

    • worknhire says:

      Award button is only visible when the contractor has submitted an amount for the project. Till the time the amount is not mentioned in the proposal the project cannot be awarded.

  2. Murali says:

    I have proposed nearly 12 projects and till now i haven’t received any award for the work proposed. I also submitted the bidding amount and estimated delivery time. Can you please check whether the clients are really in need to provide projects to the freelancers or not. In one situation where a client (arcsseosolution) and Project Code: IND2450 gave me a demo work (7 jpeg files to convert into ms word 2003 format) and once completed they will share thousands of pages to work. As per there instructions, i have completed and submitted the demo project work. Till now no response from the client either they given project work neither advance amount for demo work completed. I request you to look into this and resolve my query. My email id is [email protected]

  3. Rajiv says:

    I am a provider and want to know if it is possible to hire more than one freelancer for a project I posted. I am ready to pay each individual I would be hiring.

  4. abhisayan ghara says:

    Hi can i award more than one designers for my work?? i need hat!

  5. eXt says:

    Same here: I would like to have multiple contractors in single project. More than that, I also would like to pay out people who have done a good quality content while applying but did not get the project award. I think it would make the application more attractive for the participants.

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