How do I message and share files with my contractor?

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Workroom Messages and Files

The Workroom enables service providers and clients to work together safely and effectively, to communicate with each other in real time, share files, automatically store important communication, make job status and progress visible at all times, eliminate paperwork and ensure payment for results.

The new Workroom was designed with several of these goals in mind:

  • Communicate in real-time
  • Upload, manage and share files with a simple interface
  • Automatically store, filter and find transcripts of important communication
  • Raise invoices and pay invoices
  • Creating new terms
  • Providing Feedbacks


Workroom Messages

The Workroom messages platform provides real-time communications that are stored to the job history.

Only Messages, Status Reports, and Terms documented within the Workroom may be used as the official record of communications for job history and progression and serves as the single source of truth in the rare event of a dispute.  Any communication that occurs outside of this cannot be submitted as evidence in non-judicial dispute resolution after a dispute is reported.

To communicate using the Workroom, please log into Work-n-Hire and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the workroom of the job for which you wish to send messages.
  2. The Messages section of the Workroom will be open by default.
  3. Type in the message in the text box.
  4. Attach any file if you wish to add one.
  5. After completing Click Post. Your message will be sent.


  General Tips for Sending Workroom Messages:

  1. Use a supported browser.
  2. Disable pop-up blockers. The attachment upload feature needs to generate a pop-up window.
  3. Have sound enabled on your computer, so you do not miss a message when working in a different browser window or tab.


Workroom Files

Work-n-Hire offers a number of features that allow you to upload files to collaborate with others.  You can upload files in both Messages and File sections of the Workroom.   You can access the full list of files associated with a job by clicking on the Files link in the job workroom.

Here you can add new files by clicking the Upload New button or download any files by under the Options menu next to each file.  Files are versioned for your future reference and if the file is an image file you can simply roll over the name of the file to have a live image preview pop up.

Uploading Files

You can upload files in both Messages and File sections of the Workroom.  You also attach files to most documents, such as job postings, proposals, and terms.

General Tips for Uploading Files:

  1. Install latest version of Abobe Flash.
  2. Use a supported browser.
  3. Disable pop-up blockers. The attachment upload feature needs to generate a pop-up window.
  4. Make sure your file has a DOS extension. Computer files uploaded through Work-n-Hire should have an extension such as .html or .doc, which indicates file type. If you try to upload a file to Work-n-Hire without an extension, you will get an error message. Here are some common extensions (html — a Web document, txt — a text document, and gif or .jpg — an image).
  5. To upload a .exe or .bat file, please zip the file prior to uploading.
  6. Use a common file type. Work-n-Hire will accept any type of file.  However, only certain files will display inside a browser window. Using most browsers, all .gif, .jpg (or .jpeg), .html and .txt text files will open if a member clicks on them in your profile.

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