How do I pay a Contractor?

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Work-N-Hire allows Clients to make payments to the Freelancers from the funds in their Work-N-Hire account. The funds can be added to the account by the following methods mentioned below.

What forms of payment does Work-N-Hire accept?

Work N Hire accepts the following methods for adding funds to your Work N Hire account for making payments to Freelancers.

1. NEFT Transfer
2. Cheque Deposit
3. Debit Card/Net Banking
4. Paypal
5. Cash Collection (Will be coming soon)

 To pay your contractor using your Work-N-Hire account balance follow these steps

  1. Login to your Work-N-Hire account.
  2. Go to Pay invoices page by clicking on Pay Invoices in Payment submenu.
  3. Click on button Pay from Account.
  4. Alternatively you can also pay from your Debit/Credit card by clicking on Pay from Debit/Credit button.

3 Responses to How do I pay a Contractor?

  1. DIVYA says:

    As a client, I do not see any Pay invoice option. Should the invoice be raised by the contractor first?

  2. Rajat says:

    I can not able to make payment via Paytm wallet (credit card) because paytm does not allow wallet deposit more than 10000 in a month so I can not able to make payment which is more thn 10k because of my milestone.

  3. Sharv says:

    When I go to pay invoices, nothing is shown. So I have raised fund deposit and it is pending state. Pl give clear procedure on how to pay

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