How do I post a project?

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Tips For Posting a Job

A well-written and thoughtfully crafted job description is a great way to attract the best candidates who have right skills and expertise for your job. Here are some specific tips:

Write a good job description

Describing your job in a clear and concise manner is a great way to increase the number and quality of proposals you receive.  It helps contractors craft targeted proposals with accurate pricing. Some things to include may be your goals for the job, detailed scope requirements, and time frame expectations.  Using examples as references is a great way to make your ideas more concrete.

Determine your approximate budget

When posting a job on Work N Hire, the budget you set in the beginning does not lock you into a price range.  Contractors can propose higher or lower amounts based on what they estimate the job will cost to complete and how much they want to win your business. Communicating an estimated range helps contractors target their proposals to your needs. If your budget range is unrealistic for the amount of work to be done, service contractors may not think it is a serious job, and the likely result will be fewer and lower-quality proposals.

Choose the category that best matches the job type and skills you need

Choosing the right category (IT & Programming, Graphic Design etc) is important as it defines the group of professionals that will be able to submit proposals for your job. Choosing a relevant subcategory helps contractors search for your job, but does not limit which contractors can submit a proposal within that category.

Select the appropriate skills

When posting your job, you have the option to select the top 5 skills you are looking for in the contractor you hire.  The skills selected will be used to tag your job so contractors easily find it by searching job postings.

Specify the approximate duration

By Specifying your approximate duration of the project you can tell contractor the time in which you expect that the work will get completed. This will enhance the possibility for you to hire a right contractor for your job.

Expect multiple responses within days

You should start to get multiple proposals from qualified contractors within the first few days.  Every situation is different, but the quality of the proposals is more important than the number of proposals received. If you don’t feel like you are getting the right quality proposals for your job, we highly encourage you to give us a call or send an email to give us the opportunity to help you out.

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